An in depth examination of THE PYRAMID nonsense of C.T.Russell

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  • Terry

    In ancient times the easiest way to measure things was to use the most convenient measuring tools available that anybody could afford to own: your OWN BODY PARTS!

    Yes, you could use your own foot to measure "feet".

    You could use the width of your thumb to measure an inch (call it by whatever name you like.)

    The distance between your outstretched middle finger and your nose would be a yard.

    That's how it works. It was called a RULE OF THUMB for this reason.

    But, no two people had the same sized body parts. You needed a standard.

    You would standardize these measurements by taking the King's body parts and using HIS proprietary measurements and making them the fixed certainty by which all other things would conform.

    That is why it is called A RULER. (King=Ruler, get it?)

    When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt at the turn of the century (1798-1801)
    and brought back dazzling artifacts and a solution to the Rosetta stone, Europe and
    America went crazy over all things Egyptian. Women began wearing fashions with a distinctly Egyptian theme. Travelling shows with mummies made the circuit of cities. Paper made from Mummy linen became a desirable stationary among the elite.
    Joseph Smith bought papyrus from these travelling artifact merchants and used them to support his phony translation of The Pearl of Great Prce as documents from Abraham.
    Interest remained high and many supernatural claims were made connected with all things
    Interest turned to the greatest of all Egyptian monuments and one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World: the Great Pyramid at Giza.

    Pyramidologists who measured the Great Pyramid of Egypt frequently found pattern lengths of slightly more than 25 regular inches. 25.0265 inches

    What could it "mean"???

    The length of a year is 365.25636 days. (25.0265 inches) x (365.25636 days) is approximately the length of one side of the pyramid. WOW!
    Surely this must mean....ummmm.....well....something extraordinary!!

    What other mysterious correspondences could be found??

    The polar radius of the earth is approximately 3949.89 mi. One ten-millionth of that is apparently 25.0265 inches.

    You see that? Wow! That is ALMOST 25 inches. That MUST means something important--right? But, what??

    THE ENTIRE PREMISE of measuring the Pyramid and projecting "MEANING" comes from this contrived "co-incidence"!!

    Does it take your breath away?

    It should!!

    First of all, how often do you measure accurately within one ten-millionth of anything? Eh?

    The radius of the Earth is.........approximate! Ancient man had no way of knowing the radius of the Earth.

    Consequently, by taking what we have approximated TODAY and exptrapolating it BACKWARDS through time we are "impressed" by something that never happened!

    Namely, that ancient builders:

    1.Had a unit of measurement accurate within one-ten millionth of an inch.

    2.Had knowledge of the earth's radius

    3.Had the physical means to trim sandstone with one ten-millionth of that inch.

    4.Erected a stone edifice whose SOLE INTENTION was to inform Charles Taze Russell that his Divine Plan of the Ages had the correct time alignment with history!!!

    Naturally, all of this appears quite possible when you drag the hand of God himself into it!!

    In for a penny; in for a pound.

    Accept the premise and you are bound to accept the conclusions based on the premise!

    Jehovah's Witnesses use another kind of Pyramid Inch today. Sort of. What is it? What could it be?

    What mysterious connection with the past could be prophetic of modern events???

    607 B.C.E. is the other kind of Pyramid Inch.

    They absolutely NEED it to PROVE their pivotal doctrine of Jesus' return in 1914.

    That necessity is the mother of the 607 B.C.E. invention!


    Once you are impressed by the events of WWI (world war, famine, pestilence) you are lured into accepting the fantasy connected with it as a "significant prophetic date.

    Then, you are set up to watch the razzle-dazzle arithmetic of Gentile Times prophecy explanations.

    It is all a bunch of hoakum, hooey and flummery.

    607 B.C.E. has as much scientific actuality as the Pyramid Inch of Charles Taze Russell.

    The average rank and file JW only "thinks" he has seen something marvellous "proved" by using it!

    But, he is too naive and lazy to go much farther than that sham demonstration.

    Just as the Great Pyramid was tangible, so too, World War I is tangible.

    The only thing left is to CONNECT the intangible return of Jesus (he's invisible you see!) with the tanbible.

    Presto! Instant proof!

    If you look in all the reference books for Pyramid Inch do you think you'll find it?

    Charles Taze Russell was forced out of necessity to use charts (Divine Plan of the Ages) and Great Pyramid speculations to PROVE his theology.

    The current Watchtower Society is forced to PROVE their theology by a bogus invention of 607 B.C.E.

    Hal Lindsey based his predictions on the establishment of Israel in 1945.

    Time LaHaye (Left Behind series) uses a series of world events based on Premilleniallism.

    Did you know that Charlie Taze Russell wrote his Studies in the Scriptures chapter on the Witness in Stone and sent off a copy (before publication) to an expert (Piazzi-Smyth, I think the name was) for review. He got a thumb's up and then used the expert approval to verify his statements.

    What most people don't know is that after he got the approval, Russell CHANGED his computations and printed the Thumb's Up AS THOUGH the new figures had been reviewed.

    Interesting, no?
  • designs

    Russell's wrong! Aaaaarrgh 5 decades down the drain......

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    Funny thing is today i was reading "thy kingdom come" i think that's what it was. About the measurements of the Pyramid at Giza also how Russell used them to back up his 1874 as being the return of Christ.

    Then i read on Wickepedia that Ruther condemned pyramidology in 1928 as not only unscriptural but also inspired by the Devil. I don't know where that can be found do you?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You know why the pyramids had such consistent patterns? They were built-up out of freakin' triangles, most of them with two equal sides and two equal angles. Everything should be consistent or the whole thing collapses. Yes, you can draw a circle in it but that radius doesn't prove anything, it's freakin' geometry - distances to the edge of the circle you just drew should be equal.

  • Quandry

    Good lord, it all seems so ludicrous now.......

  • Larsinger58

    Satan's number is linked to the triangle.

    The esoteric reference to Satan is the angel with 9 stones. Jesus, represented by the high priest, has 12 stones on his breastplate.

    When this is expressed geometrically, 12 stones divided by 3 gives you four sides which links to squares and cubes.

    Nine stones represent 3 sides, which yields triangles and pyramids.

    So in Freemasonry you have the combination as well as competition between the square and the triangle. The triangle represents Satan, so pyramidology is linked with occult Satanism. It also represents the fact that Jesus and Satan are the two cherubs on top of the ark of the Covenant, and these two angels are considered to have been married.

    Satan is represented in Eden as Eve and Christ as Adam.

    A little more esoteric reference indicates Eve was white and Adam was black. So one of Satan's propagandas is to use whites to dominate non-whites, but particularly blacks. This is symbolized by Mithraism where the boy kills the bull. Originally, the boy was a Lion that killed the bull. But before that, in Canaan, the Lion killed the negro child.

    Racially, in heaven, Satan is white and resembles a young Nazi. God is black and sports a "natural" as is described in the Bible, which describes his hair as being like "fine wool."

    So part of the competition between Christ and Satan does involve racism. I mention that because of the "666-beast" which represents Christendom.

    The 666 = KKK, indicating Christendom would be a primarily white man's religion but also would support a racist culture. Thus when the Bible says "666" is a man's number, it means the white man.

    Of course, this affects commerce as the Bible says, noting those without the mark in their head or on their hand would not be able to buy and sell. The fact that the US instituted "Affirmative Action" confirms racism affects commerce.

    In pyramidology, the cap of the pyramid which becomes the seeing eye of the pyramid, represents Satan, who appears as an "angel of light."

    The triangle represents the woman. Either her breasts or her pelvic area.

    Of course, this gets to be personal. Since Satan selects whites to work out human misery through racism, Jehovah does just the opposite with the intent to exclude any person with the slightest racist concepts from the kingdom. In a message of anti Christian identity, he decided to have the Christ return in the body of an Ethiopian eunuch, that is, a gay black male. Those who would find this too offensive or would not worship the messiah in this form, would exclude themselves from the kingdom.

    Even so, "Gog of Magog" who repesented Nazism in WWII, reappears after Satan is released following the 1000-year reign. So Satan is seemingly successful in inspiring white supremacy among whites and causing them to rebel against God and Christ.

    So when you think of pyramidology, think of Satanism.


  • transhuman68
  • The Finger
    The Finger



  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Lars if you were taking the piss you'd be a very funny guy, ... but you're not are you, you are being deadly serious, ...which makes you sadly weird. And NO I can safely inform you you are not the messiah.

    Terry excellent stuff as usual.

  • lovelylil

    Thanks for the link TH68!

    I always found this topic fascinating. When I was first out of the tower I contacted a Bible Student group in NY and they sent me Russell's books. When I saw the pyramid stuff I was like WTF? It was comical really.

    So I thought maybe the modern BS would not put much stock in this. However, when I went to one of their meetings, before it even started, one of the elders got up with this huge pyramid diagram and hung it up on the wall in front of everyone.

    Needless to say it was very creepy and cultish so I never attended again. btw just as a side point, the meeting was in a Masonic Temple room. LOL

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