PO's were not listening to the special day program. Why I wonder?

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  • Pistoff

    Ditto about the job so you could get out of your chair; assemblies, conventions and SADs are brutally boring and insulting.

    The only reason people go is they are obligated. The program will never get any better because no one dares speak truth to power; they only tell them how good it was, because they have to, and then those responsible think HEY they loved it.

    The never ending circle of lies, all because to tell the truth is too dangerous.

  • jamiebowers
    Hell Jehovah did not even give me a ride to the meetings when I was in my late teens with no car unless I had the money to chip in for gas but apparently Jehovaqh has changed his ways now.

    LITS, I know it must've been agonizing to attend for as long as you did that day. But while I feel your pain, your post just cracked me up! You're developing quite a dry sense of humor. I absolutely love your posts!

  • designs

    Elders sitting in the 'Box seat' area in any given Assembly Hall is such a priviledge......

  • LongHairGal


    They know it is rehashed nonsense. Besides, I have heard it said that if something is important, it will be featured in an article in the magazine. They know this and don't care and they make sure they are doing something enjoyable. Meanwhile, they are 'visible' and that is what is important. It is all about appearances in the JW religion.

    I also heard a similar variation of that story about the needy couple who supposedly found a box or basket of food on their porch, etc. {{sigh}} That story is as old as the hills. While I am sure that miracles have occured throughout history from time to time, the whole premise that you shouldn't be out working at a real job but you should be knocking on doors instead is why this religion has so many irresponsible people looking for handouts.

  • greenhornet

    When I was about 12 years old we had a couble bags of food given to us on the back door steps. That was in the mid 60's.

    things were differant back then. Aso a brother gave my dad a $50 bill during the meeting when my dad was out of work due to a back injury.

    My folks said it was Jehovah but I new were it came from really. It came from Ben S...... a brother who had money and looked after us when we were small. Things have changed to the point that now everyone in the KH just back stabs each other.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    You poor thing I do not think I could have got my foot over the threshold let alone sit and listen. My husband used to be busy doing lots of other things at the assemblies and he volunteered for the firstaid section and would sit outside in the sun when there was no one around. I on the other hand had to sit with the kids and make them listen. He admits now that he had the easy deal, after some years I had a serious depression and I would go and book my self into a restroom which we had at our complex for the old and sick. There were two beds with a door that slid shut but could not lock and headphones to listen to the talks. I just pulled the blanket over me and was out for the count until the lunchbreak. Same after lunch, I got through a few years of assemblies like that and it was my husbands turn to look after the little one. I found out he went for lots of walks around the grounds and drinks etc, to make it through the day.

    As to the miracles...I just call that kindness that true friends would not need to boast about. I have helped many people in the past and never gave it as an experience, I have also received food and other things unexpectedly when we needed help but I can see that that is not a unique Jw thing, loads of people do it.

    My husband has just become a samaritan for the Red Cross and he said that the amount of self sacrifice he has met among the people he works with, who volunteer their time and energy to help others, it is just amazing and they are very humble people that do not blow their trumpets about what they do.

    Well I hope your Starbucks coffee cheered you up and maybe a stiff drink after you got home.

    Chicken little

  • WTWizard

    I can remember all those "Jehovah provides" experiences given at a$$emblies. Trouble is, they are not verifiable, and usually bogus. So what if, instead of wasting all your damn money on field circus and Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund donations, they would have put it away in silver? Then, when they really needed it, they could simply use the silver to buy goods--and long after the dollar becomes worthless.

    I bet that the witlesses are going to have a miserable time trying to come up with accurate and true stories of miraculously finding food on their doorstep when the dollar becomes worthless. You go to the store, it costs a sextillion or more toilet papers for a sheet of toilet paper, and rapidly going up by orders of magnitude. Or, they could use that round of silver the witlesses hounded them out of, open an account with it, and pay with those "dollars" (which will hold their value because they are backed by the value of the silver). For sure, they are not going to find any boxes of food on their front porch.

  • pontoon

    I just always hated those BS assembly experiences. What did the father do for his wife and babies next meal after the handout was gone. Did he suddenly find and start a job and earn a paycheck in the next 24 hrs? What a load of pure bullcrap

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