When did jehovah's witnesses become "the truth"?

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  • wobble

    This is a very good question to ask an active JW as I did some 2 or 3 years ago, having just read to him the scripture about there being no felowship between false religion (idolatry etc) and christianity, according to Paul.

    The guy I asked did not answer, he could see the trap I had laid, how could it be the "Truth" when some falsehood (they would perhaps use the word error, or even the milder "wrong understanding") was part of it ?

    So, as has been said, it never was, and still is not the "Truth", in any way.

  • blondie

    Divine Plan of the Ages

    foreword ii

    The present Volume was written from the reverse standpoint. It presents the Truth, shows its strength and beauty, and then suggests the removal of the error, as not only unnecessary, but absolutely useless and very injurious. Thus the reader of the DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES at each step finds a strengthening of faith and a greater nearness to the Lord, and therefore a confidence that he is in the right way. After seeing the Truth, the errors are more and more seen to be absurd, worthless, injurious, and are gladly abandoned.

  • MrFreeze

    Since the JW version of truth is ever-changing they can never become the truth.

  • Snoozy

    Believe it or not some even called it "The Way" back in the 50's. I know there is a religion that goes by that name but they meant it was the only way to get everlasting life when they said it. Instead of "The Truth some witnesses said "The Way". I don't know if the magazines ever reflected that saying but I heard many I associated with call it that back then.

    I did find one article a while back tht called it that in discussing a bible scripture but have no idea where it is now.

    Snoozy, who never ever refers to it as "The Truth"". I always call it the Jehovah's Witness religion or the WTBTS ..

  • thetrueone

    What's the best explanation?

    When the WTS wanted to increase their sales of their publications.

    No other Christian based religion has the Truth, well thats what the WTS. publishing corporation says at least.

    Did anyone else notice in that video put out by the WTS. GB last year, that the phrase we are preaching the " Truth "

    was said over and over again by all the members who were commenting.

    I think the GB are starting to realize with the advent of the age of information that their own self devised Bullshit

    is starting to be recognized by the general public.

    Not to mention people who are involved with this religion.

    Dam the inter-net and Dam Al Gore

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