Socrates and Me

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  • tec

    Go to Hawaii! Enjoy the sun, the ocean, the people.

    Besides, I'm sure they have witnesses there, and most certainly they have internet.

    Two birds/one stone sort of thing.



  • Terry

    Yeah, Hawaii. You can visit Pres. Obama's birth certificate!

  • Terry

    Sorry Fark, I've murdered your thread!

  • jgnat

    I keep memory of Socrates and Plato's achievement by the phrase, "the Gnat of Athens." I carry the gnat badge with pride in my online persona. I enjoy the image of an apparently insignificant fly, buzzing, buzzing with questions, and remaining annoyingly out of reach.

    I read that the chief difference between Socrates and Plato is that Socrates believed that all young men set for government were invariably fools. Plato held out that intelligence was possible.

  • Heaven

    Throughout history there seems to be a recurring theme of offing people who are deemed 'subversive' to the powers that be. It does seem that most of these subversives are about empowering people while the powers that be are about enslaving people.

    Farkel, I hope you will return to the place you find as your personal paradise. As others have said the internet is available there as well. I have never been to Hawaii but would like to go one day. I'd also like to visit Fiji and many other areas of the world.

    I am saddened to know your time is short now. What you have contributed here on JWN will go on for years after you are gone. I hope you can enjoy what time is left to you. You are often in my thoughts. Thank you for your efforts here.

    I have enjoyed reading your interesting and humourous accounts of the scriptures and am hoping you will consider writing "The Genital Times" that you referenced in your thread on Daniel for Fun and Prophet Part II ( ). Not sure if you care to and that is ok. You do what you want to do now.

    Hugs to you (((( Farkel )))).

  • d

    Good I love Socrates and the Socratic method.Imagine if the method was taught in school, all institutions would collapse.

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