Can the Ethiopian/Cushite Change His Skin?

by snowbird 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Reality79

    LOL what a bunch of clowns they were and still are.

  • trillaz

    My biggest concern is why is there a concern over changing one's skin color.?

  • jam

    I think we have it wrong. The grest Deceiver (Satan) started

    Religion..What have he accomplished, the division of mankind.

    From day one, the Hebrews or Israelites, God chosen people the

    rest of mankind (dung). Christianty came along, now Judaism

    is dung. Islam enter, now Christianty is dung.

    Religion have cause division across customary beliefs, social

    forms, race and family. And then we have JW,s, the world is

    dung and so are the people that live in it. So the leaders

    of the JW,s beleive, God chose them all others were dung.

    Your black skin will never get you into heaven.

  • jam

    When I discovered this about the WT (Ethiopian change his skin)

    that was the final straw for me..

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