A new religion ? possibly?

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  • ballistic

    This isn't exactly what I believe because I'm always changing my mind, but I kinda think this type of idea sounds interesting. Some bits stollen from elsewhere and other bits mixed with my own original thought...

    The universe doesn't really exist, it's all in the mind of god. Well not strictly true, God doesn't have a mind as such; the universe and everything in it including us is all part of God. I don't think there will be anyone greeting us when we "go back" to god, we're more likely to just be absorbed into the collective existance of god, but the essence of our life will have been that we are all as humans much more connected to eachother than we know and all channel different elements of the same god through our lives. You could probably say that whether our life on earth was "heaven" or "hell" was of our own doing because we all choose how to use our life. We exist because there are infinate possibilities within god, and all of these are explored.

    What do you think?

  • NomadSoul

    Nice thought, but IMO just another belief.

  • ballistic

    Hi Nomadsoul, I'm working on this because I like to believe something about life is worthwhile even if we do all get swallowed up by the sun in millions of years time. If I get it worked out by the time I'm 90, then all well and good. ;)

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    That is the same philosophy as "The Simulation Argument" and there are much philosophical arguments around it. The problem with that is - if we live in a simulation, how come we never see it 'glitch' (or do we?), how would we know and is it even relevant?

    The only test for that is to build a simulation ourselves - if we can do it (as humans) then it is entirely possible we are too a simulation.

  • ballistic

    Hi Anony mous, I hadn't thought of that as a simulation, but I know exactly what you mean. In my version, a god hasn't decided or planned to simulate anything. We are an inherant part of god and the universe represents the entirety of god, in his infinity, and we are almost destined to be here by the possibility that we can exist. There is no sitting down and planning an experiment. Does that make a difference to your thoughts?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    You sound like a pantheist or panentheist. It may seem like a foreign and unique concept to western theists but there are billions of people in the world who believe in a god but are nontheists of those sorts.

    I'm not a big fan of religioustolerance.org because they promote tolerance of pretty much any religion no matter how corrupt or abusive as long as it's a religion, but this page on their site lays out the four major ways of viewing deity clearly and concisely:


    Frankly, it's where I'm leaning right now, as well.

    What have you read of Taoism?


  • TheClarinetist

    You sound like a pantheist or panentheist. It may seem like a foreign and unique concept to western theists but there are billions of people in the world who believe in a god but are nontheists of those sorts.
    Pantheists aren't necessarily nontheists, but otherwise you took the words out of my mouth.

    Thats not a new religion - it's Advaitism (one if the 3 branches of Hinduism .... which the Buddha then took and created Bhuddism from.

    Merging with the Brahman is an idea that's been the vedas for thousands of years.

  • Soldier77

    Read much of the Kybalion? Sounds a bit like what Hermeticists believe. "The All" is in the all, we are all part of god's "imagination" and in the end we all get absorbed within him or "The All".

    Or something like that.

    Nothing new, just new to you?

  • ballistic

    No - none of these religions are really familiar to me - I don't read much. Really. It just shows you that you can put your thinking cap on and all you come up with is something some else has already thought of!

    I think there is a slight difference with what I came up with, I'm trying to get some of the priciples of quantum mechanics, i.e. based on probabilities and possibility as an explanation of how the universe came to be. I'm trying to merge these concepts and explore the concept that god didn't choose to create us, we were simply inevitable. Or maybe I am thinking too much about Douglas Adams' Infinate Improbability drive - now there's something I once read!

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