Jehovah's Witnesses & Higher Education

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Fact you won't read in the WT magazine:

    If you go to college and earn a degree prior to Bethel, you'll be treated MUCH better than those who only pioneered.

    You got that right LWT

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    The WTS admonition against higher education is the one area that seems to make a point with my somewhat still believing wife.

    She was not allowed to go to college by her JW parents. Something that she has commented on more than a few times. She has regreted not having the oppurtunity to get a degree in an area that she thought she would like and be successful.

    As we have made more and more non-JW friends in my attempt to pull her away from JWism, many of them talk about sending their kids to college and I see the wistfullness in her eyes. She sees a future for these young people that she wasn't allowed to have. And I see her encourage young family members (somewhat influenced by JWism) to be prepared for college.

    While it may be selfish, I like that the WTS continues to clamp down on college and higher education. It sends the message that they are isolating themselves. And for what purpose? Because the end is near? That don't wash with people my age anymore. We were lied to about that, now we want our kids to not get caught in the trap we were. And it helps people like my wife to see that they squandered an oppurtunity and are now paying for it. Now when she hears the anti-college rhetoric hopefully it will trigger something.

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    OOMPA, check out George's comment about Elder's school.

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    OOMPA, your message won'r come thru on mail here.

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