How come it was Our Kingdom Ministry then it was Our Kingdom Service then it was changed back to Our Kingdom Ministry?

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  • hoser

    It was OKM in the old days 50s and 60s then it was Our Kingdom Service in the 70's then they changed it back again??????

    this is the publication used at the service meeting thursday nights showing how to preach in the territory.

  • fokyc


    km January 1976 p.3 Speaking with the "Same Line of Thought "About Our Service to God


    As you will notice, the monthly publication that has for many years been called "Kingdom Ministry" has had its name changed to "Our Kingdom Service," beginning with this January 1976 issue. In this way the thought of service expressed by the Greek Scripture term di·a·ko·ni′a is more fully conveyed. This change primarily affects just a few languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Why these? Because in the other languages in which this monthly publication is printed, the title already contains the corresponding word for "service," the reason being that there had been a problem in translating "ministry" accurately into those languages. So this new title in our language will bring the name of this publication into closer harmony with that used elsewhere around the world.

  • hoser

    So why did they change it back again???

  • factfinder

    They explained the name change back to Ministry instead of service but I don't remember where. I'm sure another poster will find the answer for you.

    I remember hearing something about the word "service" not emphasizing the preaching work enough, so they returned to using the word "ministry".

  • JustHuman14

    It has to do with the LIGHT...

  • wobble

    I have feeling the change to "service" was brought about by Ray Franz, after his expulsion by the WT, in a manner that brings the WT eternal shame, they tried to undo anything he had done, however good the work was, and right the reasons were behind it.

    C.U.L.T (Cunning Underhanded Lying Turds)

  • ThomasCovenant

    Our Kingdom Ministry Jan '82 Branch Letter

    ''Dear Brothers:
    How we rejoiced over the article on ‘God's Ministers' in the March 15, 1981, issue of The Watchtower! As stated on page 18: "All dedicated and baptized Christians, regardless of sex or age, can be proclaimers, preachers, ministers, . . . provided they give proof thereof by their conduct and their witnessing." As the apostle Paul did, we, too, desire to ‘glorify our ministry.' Is that not the way you feel about it? In harmony with the information recently published on this subject, it is most appropriate that the title of this publication now appears as Our Kingdom Ministry''

  • alias

    It was probably an ironing out of 'a difference of opinion' within the GB after one with seniority twinkled off to heaven.


  • JRK

    wobble is right.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "Our Kingdom Service" was discredited and changed back in a Kremlin-style effacing of all vestiges of the creeping liberalization of the Ray Franz era.

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