Obama Offs Osama

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    Sooo, all the kings horses and all the kings men can come home now, eh? Hehe, joking. The war for the american dream MUST go one.


  • DesirousOfChange

    B.O. Has just single handedly won the presidency for 2012!

    I think that's right!

    Sh!%! when someone like The Donald is leading the polls for the GOP...............pitifully sad day on that side of the aisle.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I can't believe how happy I am. Focusing on Bin Laden is a distraction. Nothing is going to change in terms of security. Christiane Amanpour had a very good point on CNN. The recent turmoil in the Middle EAst has been a repudiation of Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was losing its credibility on the Arab street. Their message is not as resonant with Arabs as it once was.

    I'm afraid they will say it is someone else's body. They said they have the body and DNA tests have proved conclusive. I saw Obama deliver a comic address at the White House Correspondent's dinner. His delivery was perfect. He was as funny as Seth Meyers. I can't begin to imagine what it was like to do that, knowing this was in the works. He should win an Academy Award.

  • Satanus

    I wonder if all the wars are disctraction for the citizens at home getting screwed.


  • kurtbethel

    Not buying it. Think Obama can produce bin Laden's death certificate? I think he was actually killed in Kenya, myself.

    Kurt - the first "Deather"

  • aSphereisnotaCircle
    This just proves you can't send Walker Texas Ranger to do Shaft's job.

    too funny

  • Gayle

    JWs aren't going to like all this joy going on right now. They will just have negative stuff to say as they always do,,they are never happy.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    The US and any peaceful law abiding country should ban this religion to operate in their respective

    countries for it incites hatred toward those not of this particular faith.

    Not only it incites hatred but may to certain extremists of this faith, may incite to murder in the

    name of their faith.

    You never responded to my rebuttal of your point. Since you are cross posting it here it is again. This is what fundamentalist Chritians are evolving into. Dominionism, a Theocratic movement which wants to take over this nation and impose Old Testament law; is a growing phenomenom within a broad spectrum of Fundamentalist religions.

    You are calling for the banning of this religion while ignoring Ultrafundamentalists, who have already inspired terroristic acts in the US and are poised to escalate these acts tremendously. They have a sizeable presence; extensive preparation; and are being iincited to violence by Republican politicians who are calling for insurrection and the overthrow of this government.

    Before you read the article below, please realize that Sarah Palin and her husband are Christain Dominionists:


    Also see:


    Dominionism and Dominion Theology


    Dominionism and Dominion Theology are not denominations or faith groups. Rather, they are interrelated beliefs which are followed by members of a wide range of Christian denominations.

    In his article on dominionism, researcher and author Chip Berlet credits sociologist Sara Diamond with popularizing the term dominionism as "a growing political tendency in the Christian Right." Diamond defined dominionism in 1995 as:

    Christians alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns--and there is no consensus on when that might be.

    "Dominionism," Berlet writes, "is .. a tendency among Protestant Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists that encourages them to not only be active political participants in civic society, but also seek to dominate the political process as part of a mandate from God.

    "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." (King James Version).

    "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.'" (New International Version).

    The vast majority of Christians read this text and conclude that God has appointed them stewards and caretakers of Earth. As Sara Diamond explains, however, some Christian read the text and believe, "that Christians alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns--and there is no consensus on when that might be." That, in a nutshell, is the idea of "dominionism."

    The Christian Right, Dominionism and Theocracy - Part II by Chip Berlet, December 5, 2005:

    In her 1989 book Spiritual Warfare , sociologist Sara Diamond discussed how dominionism as an ideological tendency in the Christian Right had been significantly influenced by Christian Reconstructionism. Over the past 20 years the leading proponents of Christian Reconstructionism and dominion theology have included Rousas John (R.J.) Rushdoony, Gary North, Greg Bahnsen, David Chilton, Gary DeMar, and Andrew Sandlin.

    Diamond explained that "the primary importance of the [Christian Reconstructionist] ideology is its role as a catalyst for what is loosely called 'dominion theology.'" According to Diamond, "Largely through the impact of Rushdoony's and North's writings, the concept that Christians are Biblically mandated to 'occupy' all secular institutions has become the central unifying ideology for the Christian Right." (italics in the original).

    In a series of articles and book chapters Diamond expanded on her thesis. She called Reconstructionism "the most intellectually grounded, though esoteric, brand of dominion theology," and observed that "promoters of Reconstructionism see their role as ideological entrepreneurs committed to a long-term struggle."

    So Christian Reconstructionism was the most influential form of dominion theology, and it influenced both the theological concepts and political activism of white Protestant conservative evangelicals mobilized by the Christian Right.

    But very few evangelicals have even heard of dominion theology, and fewer still embrace Christian Reconstructionism. How do we explain this, especially since our critics are quick to point it out? more

    The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy - Part Three, Talk To Action, December 12, 2005:

    Open advocates of dominionism declare that "America is a Christian Nation," and that therefore Christians have a God-given mandate to re-assert Christian control over political, social, and cultural institutions. Yet many dominionists stop short of staking out a position that could be called theocratic. This is the "soft" version of dominionism.

    The "hard" version of dominionism is explicitly theocratic or "theonomic," as the Christian Reconstructionists prefer to be called. For America, it is a distinction without a difference.

    Christian Reconstructionism arose out of conservative Presbyterianism in the early 1970's. Adherents of Christian Reconstructionism believe " that every area dominated by sin must be 'reconstructed' in terms of the Bible ."

    Its followers ... are attempting to peacefully convert the laws of the United States so that they match those of the Hebrew Scriptures. They intend to achieve this by using the freedom of religion in the US to train a generation of children in private Christian religious schools. Later, their graduates will be charged with the responsibility of creating a new Bible-based political, religious and social order. One of the first tasks of this order will be to eliminate religious choice and freedom. Their eventual goal is to achieve the "Kingdom of God" in which much of the world is converted to Christianity.more

    The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy - Part Four, Talk To Action, December 19, 2005

    From What is Christian Reconstructionism? by Frederick Clarkson:

    A general outline of what the reconstructed 'Kingdom,' or confederation of Biblical theocracies, would look like emerges from the large body of Reconstructionist literature. This society would feature a minimal national government, whose main function would be defense by the armed forces. No social services would be provided outside the church, which would be responsible for 'health, education, and welfare.' A radically unfettered capitalism (except in so far as it clashed with Biblical Law) would prevail. Society would return to the gold or silver standard or abolish paper money altogether. The public schools would be abolished. Government functions, including taxes, would be primarily at the county level.

    Women would be relegated primarily to the home and home schools, and would be banned from government. Those qualified to vote or hold office would be limited to males from Biblically correct churches.

    Dominion theology provides the theological rationale for a "Christian" nation. John F. Sugg writes in the Weekly Planet, Tampa, Florida, March 2004:

    Dominion theologians ... preached ... that it was Christians' job to take over the world and impose biblical rule. Christ would not return, they said, until the church had claimed dominion over all of the world's governments and institutions ...

    In 2000, the Republican Party of Texas declared that it "affirms that the United States is a Christian nation." Last month, [February 11, 2004,] that sentiment reached the national level. The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 would acknowledge Christianity's God as the "sovereign source" of our laws. It would reach back in history and reverse all judicial decisions that have built a wall between church and state, and it would prohibit federal judges from making such rulings in the future.

    From Reconstructionism to Dominionism, Part 1 by Southern Baptist Minister Bruce Prescott:

    If Rushdoony and his disciples have their way, democracy will be abolished and a Christian theocracy will be established. A theocracy based on the Bible along the lines of John Cotton's Massachusetts Bay Colony. Rushdoony wrote, "The only true order is founded on Biblical Law. All law is religious in nature, and every non-Biblical law-order represents an anti-Christian religion." (p. 113) He also made it clear that he expects that force will be necessary to impose such order, "Every law-order is in a state of war against the enemies of that order, and all law is a form of warfare." (p. 93)

    From Reconstructionism to Dominionism, Part 2 by Southern Baptist Minister Bruce Prescott::

    Despite their differences over the tactics and strategy, all Reconstructionists are committed to making the laws of Ancient Israel the law of the land in the U.S.

    A Nation Under God, by John Sugg in Mother Jones, December/January Issue (see whole issue, but this article is a particular favorite of mine -- great update on the Christian Reconstruction movement)

    From: The Covert Kingdom -- Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Texas, Joe Bageant www.dissidentvoice.org May 18, 2004:

    Christian Reconstructionism has for decades exerted one hell of an influence through its scores of books, publications and classes taught in colleges and universities. Over the past 30 years, Reconstructionist doctrine has permeated not only the religious right, but mainstream churches as well, via the charismatic movement. Its impact on politics and religion in this nation have been massive, with many mainstream churches pushed rightward by pervasive Reconstructionism, without even knowing it.

    Kingdom Now/Dominion/Restoration theology, Talk To Action, December 19, 2005

    The Rise of Dominionism: Remaking America as a Christian Nation by Frederick Clarkson, The Public Eye
  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    "JWs aren't going to like all this joy going on right now. They will just have negative stuff to say as they always do,,they are never happy."

    Maybe the Witnesses can join Fokx News?

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