Ok I left the WBTS..... now what?? kingdom hall withdrawal

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  • sister x
    sister x

    so my last meeting was in December 2010. I was attending the English and Spanish halls for a year and just english for 6 yrs..... lots of meetings. I had only two friends at the hall and no boyfriend/husband. I live in a town where I know no one, no family and when I became a witness I left the one job (air force) where I had people who cared about me..... now Im alllllll alone! this sucks.

    Not only am I alone but I have no way to worship God now.... I feel like I still have a spiritual need that is not being filled. Some nondenominational church came by my house and put a flyer on my door to come fellowship with them tommorrow, Im thinking about going....

    Im so fustrated with the whole WBTS being a big lie, and with my life now, im thinking about going back to the meetings again.... just so I can worship God the best way I know how...... now that I know the whole thing is all made up, i dont have to become enslaved again like before, I can just come and go as I please.... what do you think???

    kingdom hall withdrawals

  • Iamallcool

    just wondering, were you at Tyndall Air Force Base?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    What now?

    you go get yourself a life!

    and beware..'.kingdom hall withdrawal' and 'now i have no way to worship god' are among the biggest reasons people go back. (aside from not wanting to be shunned by family)


  • transhuman68

    IMO one of the old mainstream established churches might be o.k.. The people who attend are usually more intelligent and caring, non-judgemental etc. than the JW's. The Witnesses aren't really a religion- they are more like unpaid employees of a book publishing company.

  • the max
    the max

    The Idea crossed my mind, but Unfortunately I have a big mouth or tourettes, that is to say when I want to say somthing even though I am aware of the cosequences, out it comes.

    I would not have the self control needed, to operate undercover, as I think that may be your intention, do you think you could keep quiet when you know somthing is BS ?

  • sister x
    sister x

    @lamallcool......No i wasnt at Tyndall Air force Base...... Sheppard and Lackland AFB

    @Aussie 0z Its not being shunned by family or even wanting my friends back... its just the worshiping... I cant stay home every sunday and not worship God.... I guess im so use to that KH regimen that now I have so much free time on my hands....

    @ Transhaman68, I agree, its just a bunch of publishing company volunteers.... I know that, but they dont..... I dont want to go out in service or anything, I just miss the talks, insight on the scriptures and personal study I use to do. Now I dont have anything..... I noticed my weekends consist of researching other faiths, being on websites like jwn forum and others....... not really anything positive and spiritual.

  • sister x
    sister x

    @ the Max..... I know I can... master at it. I know I would walk in the hall with a Big grin on my face and walk out even happier...

    I think it would be different this time because now I KNOW what Im walking into vs. being deceived like before.....

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    yeah, but

    you weren't worshipping god at the kingdom hall in the first place!

    Thats just the sales team indoctrination and training centre.

    if you must worship a god, best find one somewhere else because he/she/it sure aint there.


    edit: I may not be the best to advise on worshiping 'god', but stick around here and you will find some people who have found new ways to worship...seek them out, but be wary of the ones promising armageddon this year ok?

    all the best.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Hi sisterx

    I understand that void you feel. I stopped going to the meetings a couple of months ago. I was so disillusioned with religion and angry I felt like my life had become spiritually empty.

    But I have discovered that real faith has nothing to do with churches. It is about you and your relationship with God. I am still trying to decide what I really believe. Maybe I will never be sure. But I still feel passionate about my love for God. It is lovely if you can share your faith with other people and worship together. But it is not essential. Maybe you could try some other churches and see how you feel. You might like one.

    I think the fellowship/friendship thing is a different issue. That does not have to be about joining a church, that could be with any group, hobby or interest that you share with similarly minded people. Maybe even studying or doing a course might get you involved with people you might not normally meet.

    Good luck with your journey of self discovery. Personally I know there is no way I could stomach sitting through another meeting after all the things I have discovered. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    PS...I have already had some truly beautiful moments on here looking up scriptures related to other peoples posts. There is a wealth of knowlege on this site and some exceptionally beautiful people.... Then there are the "others" hee hee hee. But I love them too.

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