Out of all the religions in the world our family chose the Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • jam

    Miseryloveelders: maybe one day, but Iam sure your family believe

    it was the best life for you.

  • miseryloveselders

    Miseryloveelders: maybe one day, but Iam sure your family believe

    it was the best life for you.

    Aww man, they still believe that too. Die hard JWs to the bone. So die hard that they're in denial of my beliefs. They know I have some serious reservations about this organization, but they won't push too hard, because they know I won't push that hard. It's like the King of the North vs the King of the South, and the pushing back and forth. Its crazy. They're stressing me, and I'm stressing them. All because of some concieted cock sockers in Walkhill that none of us have ever met.

    But real talk, you need to do a thread Jam on why you chose this religion. There was A LOT going on during that time frame, and it played a role into why you became a JW. I'd love to hear that story, and I'm sure others would too. I've been reading alot of black history, trying to piece how my life ended up where it ended up. Your story, believe it or not, adds another piece to the puzzle. You need to, or maybe I should say, have to do a thread on why you chose this religion considering the backdrop of social change during those years.

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  • wobble

    I put this thought, why did my dad choose the JW's, in an article I have submitted to a national newspaper, ( I don't know if they will publish it).

    What I regret though, is what I had more choice over. When my wife and I married in 1970 we were just out of our teens by a few months, at that time we had been quite wild by JW standards, drinking every night, worldly parties,smoking, missing meetings, and some stuff I will not post on here, too personal,but we decided to "take the truth seriously".

    Within a few weeks of being in our new Congregation I was giving my first Public Talk , an away talk ! (Baptism of fire!) and we were at every meeting and out in the F.S We were fully commited.

    I wish I had decided then that the religion was the biggest pile of poo, but being born in, and with no contrary information coming my way, no Internet, Apostates not active in our area, and they were only publishing funny little tracts, which they handed out at DC's, attacking doctrine, hardly likely to get through to someone like me.

    I had a dodgy spell about 1981/2 , went inactive for a good few months,and yet I still did not wake up then.

    I regret that both of those opportunities came to nothing, but at least I did wake up in the end.

  • Heaven

    People who convert without doing their research are doing themselves and their families and friends a huge disservice. For those born-in, we haven't much choice until we become an adult. By that time, indoctrination is quite ingrained. If you are lucky enough to have mounting doubts, or some balancing force in your life, you may be able to escape once you reach adulthood.

    My Mom's Dad converted to JW from Catholicism back in the 1950s. My grandfather had become disgusted with the religion. I have been told a lot of Catholics did this back in that time period. So my Mom was a grown woman when this religion was introduced to her. The JW bound volumes start at 1960 in my parent's bookcase. I was born in 1963.

    Luckily my Dad wasn't into religion at all while I was growing up so he gave some balance to our lives. By my teens I was being given more adult type information regarding doctrine and starting to formulate my own thoughts on things and that's when I decided it wasn't for me. I was constantly disagreeing, in my mind, on their interpretation of scripture. I also noticed how frequently they were going above and beyond the Bible. Many of their doctrines did not align with who I was and wanted to be. I also had similar thoughts about the Bible.

    After my Dad retired, he got sucked in. By now we kids are all grown and moved out. None of us are baptized but we still have major sifting and sorting out to do in life. The JWs prey on peoples' weak points and vulnerabilities in life . They love to use tragic world events to have a starting point to launch how they are the solution to everything. My Dad was having a difficult time with retirement and an unhappy marriage. The JWs certainly gave him an excuse to get away from his wife and they gave him something to do. My Dad fully believes Jehovah saved him.

    Now, he is suffering from dementia and unable to understand "what they are talking about" nor perform his JW duties. He told me he feels like an outsider. My goal is to ensure he has as good a life as he can between now and the time he passes away. The JWs will not be a part of his life any longer.

  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    Just lucky I guess... the good news is you made it out almost in one peice.

  • superpunk


    Every once in a great while, the preaching work "works". Barf.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My family started in the Bible Students days. So many successive generations. My father's family were Russian Orthodox. When his mother died after child 13 (wanhat did he expect? some control on his part might have been helpful), a family priest came to console. They lost six children on steerage, too. He was very upset. The priest needed to be consoled. Shortly afterwards, a Witness knocked on the door with a 25.78 plblan. I don't know what attracted the Bible Students contingent. My mom told me it was almost the polar opposite of the Witnesses. They celebrated Christmases. There was good fellowship. You could have your own thoughts. I saw pyramid books and weirdo things with my own eyes.

    I simply could not believe, despite all my efforts. facing rejection was a strong force. Strange, I came of age in the sixties and seventies. The tumult convinced me my place was in the world. The Witnesses were a massive retreat into a meaningless cocoon. I was such a Beatles fan. Even at its worst, like Kent State and Jackson State, the world beckoned.

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