russians show how to deal with somali pirates

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  • villabolo
  • moshe

    I saw the mother ship towing the pirate skiffs- looked like 3 or 4 of them, that the pirates use to attack with.

  • villabolo

    Chickpea, while I respect your experience; as well as believe that the video is bunk; there are some points to be made.

    First, the pirates are likely to have only small arms. They may, in theory, have some RPGs but using them at that distance; with the rolling motion of the ship greatly diminishing the accuracy; is simply not realistic for either side. Also, notice the downward angle in which the AK47s and RPGs were fired at. At that distance, you would need to aim both weapons at an upward angle due to the trajectory curve. Especially with the RPG.

    I think the only weapon that would have been effective, was that heavy machine gun with tracers.


  • dgp

    The Russians get my vote. Yes, it's again human rights, et cetera, but the pirates are not exactly people you could talk into quitting that activity.

    The overkill part is meant to show any survivors (if there were any) that the Russians really mean what they say.

    Question. If you were a Somali pirate, and you could attack an American ship or a Russian ship, all other factors being equal, which one would you be more inclined to take?

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Somne details on that story -

    Somali pirates hijacked russian oil tanker "Moskovskiy Universitet", russian military ship came shortly after and rescued all sailoros and arrested some 20 pirates. Since it seemed to be legaly comlipcated to bring them to justice to Moscow (and russians dont like complicated issues...) the oficilal report was: "Soldiers released these somali citizens, put them on their boat, provided them with enough water and food and showed them direction to sail back to Somalia. Due to unknown reasons pirate boat had disapeared from radars shortly after"

    This private video apeared on Youtube just lately.

    Here is the official story

  • dgp

    The good ol' "shoot twice. Say the first was a warning shot, while the second you had to "aim" at the person. Do exactly the opposite: shoot to kill first, shoot into the air later".

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Russians get my vote, too.

    It looks as if they had just a wee bit too much fun with their target after a few successful hits, though.

    Yes, moving targets are exponentially harder to hit than still ones.

    Hijackers are just too dangerous to leave alive.

    I wouldn't want one anywhere near me (increases their chances of harming me, which would have to happen to arrest them).

    Those who seek to cause me and mine harm, deserve the same harm back, but first (if it means my life or theirs as is the case with hijackers and robbers).

    I've been through too much (violent armed robbery and several betrayals) to have any tollerance left for scum.

  • sinis

    Kill 'em all, let God sort it out...

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