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  • KingDavidwasframed

    A long time friend and local actor is developing a movie entitled "Blood" that explores the the pressure a family goes thru in ordeals within the organization including intimidation and disfellowshipping. Here is a link to an article on the whole story:,0

    He is about to be interviewed by several other papers. If any of you know anyone in the media that would like to help by writing an article or helping to promote this project, please get in touch with Alex.

    I have read the script and I must say, it will be an excellent movie!

  • crazyblondeb

    am very interested to watch this!

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    The Jehovah's Witnesses' beliefs regarding the prohibition of blood transfusions becomes all the more heinous when it comes to young children, many of whom have died in furtherance of their parents' misguided beliefs. The blood transfusion prohibition is astounding in light of Jeremiah 32:35 which provides in part, "They built high places to Baal in the Valley of Ben-hinnom, and immolated their sons and daughters to Molech, bringing sin upon Judah; this I never commanded them, nor did it even enter my mind that they should practice such abomination." Here, God instructs man NOT to cause a child to be killed as a form of sacrifice to God. Clearly, sacrificing a child by denying him or her a needed blood transfusion is no different. In no way does such a denial of blood and the child's resulting death please the Almighty. It never entered God's mind.

    Prohibition Against Blood Transfusions and Other Medical Directives

  • KingDavidwasframed


    You should post that comment on the newspaper page under the article!!!! Awesome point!

  • Vidiot

    Damn, I though this thread was going to be about the Last Vampire anime...

  • ariker

    Thanks for the thread buddy. Things are getting interesting. I had to go to Paris to talk to some local churches about support and I was lucky enough to see a real live jw on the streets. The look I got was priceless. I'm glad the article has gotten an interesting debate going as well

  • KingDavidwasframed

    Hey man, just glad a guy like you has stepped up

  • ariker

    I really don't know anyone here, but the invitation is open. If you live close to Brantford Ontario, you're more than welcome to attend the reading. If you're an ex jw and I know you're there, we'll even pull you up on stage to answer some questions if you want. The bad part is that if I know you're there and I get into the mood to play some improve games...

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