Parents confronted by their adult children.......

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  • Snoozy

    I just noticed that the Dr Phil show today (On at 3 PM here) is titled " Parents are confronted by their adult children over alleged childhood wrongs".

    Should be interesting!

    Wonder if any will be JW's?


  • garyneal

    doubt it

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I confronted my parents as an adult. My mother laughed and my father never said a word.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I confronted my parents and they both blamed me...

  • jam

    My Ex is still A fanatical JW, but she apologize to the kids when she

    was confronted by them, and admitted that,s the way she was raised

    as A child. The beatings do not work, hopefully the cycle has stop for

    my grand kids. Only in JW land.

  • grewupjw1969

    I confronted my parents about things and they in the JW way told me it was none of my business.


  • Gayle

    My poor dad,,he had all 5 of his grown kids, confront him. Four out of the 5 of us had been pioneers and Bethelites. We would ease as gentle as possible our re-evaluations. He was frustrated for years with us. Had a few occasions he just walked out on us too. He tried to personally disfellowship us many brief times but he never reported on us, even though he was an elder.

    Finally, Ray Franz's book came out. Dad read it, and soon after was disfellowshipped for apostasy! Four of us kids were never DF'd nor Da'd. My one brother Da'd with his attorney letter.

  • serenitynow!

    I've confronted my parents. I confront my mom pretty much whenever we talk.

  • bloominglotus

    when u say "confront" what exactly do u mean?

  • bloominglotus

    never mind i misread the thread..

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