Hate Crime / Graffiti on KH

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  • awaken2004

    http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news%2Flocal%_Flos_angeles&id=7930229 (sorry don't know how to post link)

    This is the KH my family attends. Of course my brother only posted this on facebook because it happened to the dubs. Had it been a Catholic church he would have ignored it or made an arrogant comment about Catholics.

    Love my brother to pieces because he really is a good guy. He is so smart and has so much potential but unfortunately the dubs have sucked him back in. We we born and raised in the "truth" that is my excuse for why he went back.

  • james_woods

    I hate to see such things - primarily because the JWs will naturally use it as "proof" that ex-JWs are crazy.

    In fact, I suspect that most anti-witness graffitti may be from other churches, especially from people who think they are a zionist or anti-zionist movement.

  • sd-7

    I'm actually surprised this type of thing doesn't happen more often, given how many angry people there are out there. Still, it's dishonorable, petty behavior. I hope the vandals will be brought to justice because this kind of thing is wrong, period.


  • freskalynn

    I hate to see people mark up other peoples property. Witness or no witness its criminal. There was a KH that got burned in Bonnom , TX. several yrs ago. It was back in the 80's when everyboy was having trouble. The cong. was having a lot of trouble and someone from headquarters came down. They couldn't do anything cause the ones they were having trouble with was on the deed to the KH. Now that was funny I thought.

  • awaken2004

    Yeah I hate graffiti too. It is so disrespectful. I imagine it is a group of kids responsible.

  • undercover

    I hate vandalism on anyone's property...

    Yet at the same time, I get kinda torqued up when the local media makes a big deal about a church getting graffitied or vandalized. Why is it any bigger deal than my favorite bar being vandalized...that didn't make the news?

    So some people woship at the Catholic church or Kingdom Hall... what about us that bow down at the alter of the brewed hops and barley? (and where most of those church goers will be found when the church is closed)

  • awaken2004

    Funny undercover. Next time tell me when your bar is graffitied and I'll be sure to notify the media for you.

  • brotherdan

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  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    I wonder if they ask for a tax deduction for the cost to clean it up. No. Wait a minute. They don't pay any taxes. Nevermind.

    Vandalism is infantile stupidity and the morons who did that should be publicly humiliated if they're caught but probably won't because they're underage. Now the City of Los Angeles rate payers get to pay for the cost of investigating the stupidity and slapping the kids on the wrist if they catch them.

  • miseryloveselders

    I remember when a former editor of The Source magazine did something to a Hall. I found this article online, and it made me chuckle as its amazing to me that there are rappers with JW backgrounds.


    Dasun Allah was charged with criminal mischief for the desecration a "Kingdom Hall", a Jehovah's Witness church.

    C'mon duke.......

    I feel your pain, but throwing a burner on the side of the K.H.? Shouldn't dude be in a marketing meeting or something? Don't hate on the JWs and their "translated" Bible, update the "Hip-Hop Bible"!

    Yo D, you should do a story on emcees with JW background. Holla at me and let's make it happen. I can think of quite a few rappers off the top of my head. Ja Rule (Ja Hova?) Xzibit (X-communicated), Lord Jamar from Brand Nubians, and I believe the late great Frank White grew up going to the Kingdom Hall. That's right, I think Biggie was baptized baby, baby!
    Ahhh, if only we all grew up in the same congregation, we could have formed a super group, called The D.A.s (The Disfellowshipped Apostates....very bad JW inside joke)

    I feel sorry for the next elderly sister who knocks on his door on a Saturday morning. Might end up like that scene in "Friday". "C'mon sister, lets go!"

    Ladies, the next time a JW knocks on your door, answer it naked while blasting "Naked" by Marques Houston! Trust me, the guys really like it when that happens, (happend to me twice)and the women will be soo shocked they will do a mad dash off your porch and may never come back. I stress the word may.

    OK, that's it. I don't want to hear anymore bad talk about the Witnesses. Go pick on a Scientologist for a while now.

    Now what's this I hear about Ron Isley facing jail time? Not Mr. Biggs! At least Kells will have a friend in the yard if they both get time. I'm out.

    I never knew Lord Jamar had a JW background considering his 5 Percenter beliefs. It seems strange to me that someone would go from JW to 5 Percenter.

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