Sorry but do some of the girls on Oasis active" dating add here look 15 years old??

by Witness 007 6 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I'm getting dirty looks at work again thanks to these adds....some of the girls look underage! {sorry Simon I know it pays for us but}

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I think its very clever the way adverts pertain to our recent internet activity. Not sure what your adverts are but mine are clothing, handbags, shoes and banking. All the things I was doing before coming on JWN.

  • Heaven

    Yes, they are young looking. However, what I've discovered is, the older I get, the younger the young adults look to me. The last group of co-op students (in their early 20s) that went through work both me and my (older) colleague wondered if they were old enough to have their driver's licenses. I think this is a sign I'm (we're) gettin' old. (Sigh)

  • Vidiot

    Especially the one in the white minidress with the DDD implants and the vacuous's a little confusing; at first I thought it was a photoshop job.

  • fokyc

    "Oasis Active is Australia's leading 100% online dating website, with automated matching and instant messenger communication."

    We don't get the same ads in the UK as you do down under in Australia.

    BUT having found the site; YES they do look very young; perhaps even 'Jail Bait'!

  • trevor

    It doesn't matter how old they are - if all you do is look!

  • transhuman68

    You are getting old...

    All the policemen look like schoolkids to me now...

    That's how it goes.

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