Job and sin

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  • ssn587

    Job refers to sins he didn't commit, he also refers t laws, elders, court. Just what sin since the law of god hadn't been given yet? What court, what laws was he referring to. Was it laws of Hammurabi or some other entity?

    His friends thought he had sinned against god, but how could he have if no law code existed that had been put out by God?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    He sounds like my mum always beating herself up over Jehovah....get off the cross we need the WOOD!

  • trevor

    Many years ago, when I was a zealous pioneer. Along with another pioneer we were conducting a bible study with an older man. I got him to find and read a scripture from Job.

    I then asked him to 'keep his finger in Job' while we looked up another scripture. He started laughing and it took us green young men a moment to realize the ambiguity of what I had said. In the end we were all laughing. I have never looked at Job in the same way since.

  • designs


    Job , Proverbs and Ecclesiastes were the Jewish peoples efforts to catch up to other cultures Wisdom writings. They have a universal elan in the way life and hard times are considered and philosophized.

    In Jewish thought sins could be simple meaness and lack of sharing with another human, so it is not that Job has to break Commandments 2-8 or something.

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