update on the kids for those who follow it ...

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  • laverite

    Aussie Oz,

    I doubt he spends significant time developing himself spiritually and pursuing deep, meaningful studies into Watchtower doctrine. Is he pursuing baptism because of the compelling doctrines and "Biblical Truths" offered by the WT Publishing and Real Estate Corp? Course not. It's ALL about the love bombs, the parties, the social stuff and THE GIRL.

    He ain't got no deep interests in WT doctrine and history. That's why all of your information and research is meaningless to him. Just because you're interested in it, doesn't mean it is of any relevance to his world. He just wants the love, the fun, and THE GIRL. All the rational thought and facts in the universe cannot compete with any of that. And what you find meaningful and important isn't even on his radar. You might as well be living in two completely different worlds.

    Don't stress about him getting baptised. You've done all you can. If he goes that route, you'll be there to catch him when he falls.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Hang in there Aussie.

    You've done all you can. He knows you're there to talk to if he needs to. What more does a teenager need? (well, apart from the car, the parties, the grog and "the girl")

  • mamalove

    I enjoyed reading your process. My kiddos are younger, but I plan to take a similar path when they are old enough to understand Russell, etc. Do not give up. My dad didnt give up on me, it too me 10 years to wake up after I became an adult.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Thanks for this update. Sorry I missed it when first posted.

    Hope your boy comes around. Glad to see your girl's a real thinker. Best of luck with both of them.

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