Mammoths, Mastadons, Siber Tooth Tigers

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    Moshe: "Scientists have extacted cores of the sediment that contain over 10,000 annual bands (yearly) of sediment."

    Uninterrupted Antarctic ice cores cover about 800,000 years.


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    "Atmospheric pressure: even IF it were possible to cover the earth in water it would've drastically changed the earth's atmosphere. Noah and his fam wouldn't be able to breath, let alone stand the pressure from so much water vapor."

    You would have had a runaway greenhouse effect as well since water vapor is 100 times more insulating than Carbon Dioxide. However, some creationists speculate that the water canopy was in orbit in the form of ice crystals. Yeah right, just wait till sunrise and watch what happens to the ice crystals.

    Take a look below at the ancient Hebrew concept of the Cosmos and you'll find a hint as to where the waters where. Of course, skies made of stone and the other details are embarassing to Creationists.


  • NewChapter

    Thanks so much everyone. I am learning a great deal from all of you. I'm not so much "learning" as relearning, and putting things in their proper place instead of stuffing them in the "do not think" box. I never even thought about fresh water fish. Honestly, I'm shocked I didn't drool.

    Well, perhaps I could still write my pre-flood story. I sure worked hard on it. Category: Fantasy. I could work it like a piece of science fiction, or mythology. I'll probably just let it go. I learned a lot writing it, and my style improved greatly, so perhaps I should just view it as a study on style instead of a viable story.

    The ironic part is this. When I was writing the story, I felt this huge pressure to get all the facts right! so that no one would think I was trying to "add" to scripture. I often thought I shouldn't write it at all---maybe I was "overstepping". The dramas are what inspired me. Ah well, no need to decide today.

    I pasted some of my conversations here for my brother to read. He has been a die-hard atheist since he was 8. I'm showing him the intelligence and scholarly attitude I'm finding here. It must be his dream come true. And to think, I always thought I'd be the one to win this debate, and joke with him about it after he was baptized!

    You all don't know how much this means to me. Of course, I don't know any of you, but the support and "fellow feeling" ugh, has been amazing. I can't believe that mag was called AWAKE! I see the joke here a lot, and don't mean to be trite, but truly, it did lull me to sleep. Making me feel like I knew something so I would stay dumb.

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    The funny thing about stories and myths is that there is usually a tiny grain of fact at the very core... a real story that over the generations (real generations not JW generations) are changed, forgotten, invented, reinvented, changed again and so on. Maybe the flood is one of those stories....

    Why do I say that? Well... think about the region it was written in/about... roughly where modern day Turkey is right? Plus or minus, but roughly that area.... bordering what is now the Medeterranian. There is an interesting theory that I saw a few years ago about the formation of the Med... which would amount to a massive flood of water pouring into the region from the Straits of Gibraltar. Hmmm.. so a major flood in the area... which would appear to be so huge that it was their whole world.

    Oh wait.. it was 5.3 million years ago.. nevermind :-) The Flood was "clearly" only a couple thousand years ago. Haha... OK, I'll stop stirring the pot now.

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