Going to a "girls only over 18 " party tonight

by Found Sheep 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Scott77

    Ok, serenitynow!

  • finallyfree!

    ooolala! sounds like a hoot! make sure to wear ur hottest lingerie. oh and like it was suggested...booze. ive heard what happens at these parties...actually i can prolly tell you as i once "dropped in" on a friend of mine who was hosting one of these and heres how it goes:

    everyone gets there, eats a nice dinner (or call a pizza)

    everyone chitchats about whos goin out with who, whos gettin laid and whos not and a lil ex bashing

    more drinkin

    more talkin

    more drinkin

    whoops i lost my shirt?...

    hahaha! really? me too!

    everyone takes their shirts off...

    i kissed a girl and i liked it!!!

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