jehovah is love

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  • kimbo

    jehovah is love

    when does jehovahs governing body show love?

  • Heaven

    when does jehovahs governing body show love?

    Just give them your time and your money and they won't boot you is the a$$.

  • Ding

    They show love every time someone is DFd.

    Didn't you know that DFing is an act of love... to bring people back "in the truth"?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Actually, the god of the old testament is far from love. The Governing body is simply a reflection of the god they serve.

  • WTWizard

    Where is the love? Holding mankind in darkness under death threat? That is Jehovah's "love"--not wanting us to know good from bad, allowing Jehovah to impose tyranny on us. Satan actually showed a hell of a lot more love for us by opening his mouth.

    After Satan blabbed about the tyranny, Jehovah had to use force to impose it--which he did. Love?

    Jehovah imposed many a wasteful command on his people. For starters, why did Abraham have to endure hardships for a loving god? And, why did Lot have to abandon his material things simply because those around him were doing "bad things"? Even if everyone in Sodom did deserve to be destroyed, Jehovah could have spared Lot and his family, allowing them to claim the city as their own. Jehovah didn't, but instead insisted on destroying it. What a waste.

    Another waste came when the Israelites were claiming the "promised" land. Everything of value that was destroyed was wasted. Achan simply wanted to take it, so it wouldn't go to waste--and Jehovah threw a tantrum, resulting in many deaths simply because Jehovah wanted to waste value!

    And, what about Tyrant David? How many people had to die, simply because Tyrant David wanted them to either serve his Jehovah or die? Good thing Tyrant David didn't have the ability to fly planes into buildings. And why let Saul become king if you only want to prove him unworthy and then make him unworthy? Having Saul being forced to offer the sacrifice, only to have Samuel show up 5 fxxxing minutes later hardly qualifies as love.

    Hezekiah is another example. He got very sick and was going to die at around 40, which is 30 years early according to "The days of their lives shall amount to threescore and ten years". Jehovah then gives him back 15 of those years--stealing 30 years and then returning only 15 of those years, and then expecting praise for giving him "an extra 15 years", hardly qualifies as love. If my math is right, Hezekiah would have been only 55 when he died. Without that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag, he would have lived to 70 (and that disregards "If by special mightiness, they should be fourscore years"). An extra 15 years should have had him living to 85 years old, or 95 if by special mightiness--NOT 55!

    And then there is Jesus. Jesus did in fact have true love for mankind, LIKE SATAN DID, and was willing to die trying to free us from Jehovah's tyranny. It is hardly love on Jehovah's part to then twist what Jesus said, making another system of commandments and rituals, when Jesus was trying to simply teach us to think independently.

    Today, Jehovah isn't any better. Every damn time we are on the edge of becoming free on earth, Jehovah barges. People are dying of wars, which are fought because of tyranny. People are dying in fake food shortages all the time (the government even pays farmers to not grow crops), and will continue dying because of bad medicine being the law. And, every time we are about to end this bullsxxx, Jehovah steps in and has someone put to death (John F, Kennedy) or has them wussing out (like much of the new Congress); or has someone work around it (Osama Obama using the EPA to get his fake energy crisis and the FCC to censor the Internet; I look for the announcements to see if this forum is going to be blocked in the United Tyranny of America)). And, any day now I am expecting hyperinflation to kick into high gear without warning, gold to gap up to around $50,000 an ounce, silver to gap up to around $3,000 an ounce, oil to trade at $9,000 a barrel, and prices to be sharply higher at my supermarket.

    All the while, Jehovah does nothing. But, anyone trying to prevent all this gets squashed. This hardly qualifies as love from Jehovah.

  • tec

    WTW - Do you really believe what you're saying? That God had someone kill Kennedy, that He and not man is responsible for wars of tyranny etc, that He makes congress 'wuss out'? I have noted that you continue to say that Satan loves us - and I've wondered how you compare that with say, the story of Job? Or with the very obvious dislike that Christ showed for Satan, calling him the father of lies?


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Tec, James 4:17 clearly states: "Therefore if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him."

    If Jehovah is all he is cracked up to be, he both knows how to do what is right and has the power to do it. But he doesn't. He has done nothing to report of for thousands of years. Why should he be exempted from the rule stated above from what is supposedly his own book?

  • ProdigalSon

    keyser soze totally nailed it.

  • tec

    What is right, Mad?

    I mean, we see from a very small perspective. We rarely ever see the full picture of even a small thing, or what came before some kind of atrocity; and we can only see so far ahead concerning the ramifications of our actions.

    God sees it all.

    So while I can agree that knowing what is right and not doing it is wrong... we don't see or know what God sees and knows. So who can say that He is not doing what is right?


  • ProdigalSon

    WTW is right on the mark. He sees the message that the Genesis account is conveying... Jehovah is the problem, Jehovah is the liar, and the Serpent told the truth. Adam and Eve DID NOT DIE, and the Elohim admitted that they did in fact "become like one of us". And if Jehovah is indeed the "god of this world", then he WOULD be the one behind all the dirty misdeeds that keep mankind locked up in darkness, while the ruling elite continue to run the show, to the detriment of everyone except them.

    It's pretty simple, Jehovah is a subordinate, a much much lesser god than the "Divine One" of Psalms 82:1, and he is the one that created this mess that the Christ has to save.

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