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  • Quendi

    This is a question for those who have either been disfellowshipped or disassociated themselves. I was disfellowshipped in September 2005 and have no intention of returning. What I want to ask the rest of you is, Did you ever get that yearly visit from the elders to see if you wanted to return to the organization or just how you were doing? I have received only one such visit since I was disfellowshipped, and it was one of the most discouraging encounters I have ever had.

    The Society used to remind the elders that they should call upon the disfellowshipped/disassociated people in their territory once a year. Usually that visit was made shortly after the new service year began in September. For some reason, the organization seems to think that a yearly visit is enough to encourage anyone to think about returning. From what I have learned, many never were called on, even if they were regular meeting attenders as I was. Others got one visit and none ever after.

    Perhaps the attitude of many elders was best shown by an experience I had when I was a pioneer. I had found a woman in the territory who welcomed us warmly and took the offer. During the course of our conversation she revealed that she was disfellowshipped, but that she had been thinking of coming back and was very happy that I had called upon her. I told her that I was glad to talk to her and hoped that I would see her at the Kingdom Hall. I mentioned her case to one of the elders very soon thereafter, giving him her name and address. He wasn't even interested, sniffing, "She knows where the Hall is. Let her make the effort to come to the meetings." I was shocked by his cold callous attitude, but in view of my own experience, I think I can understand why I haven't heard from the local elders either. In my case a second visit would allow me to tell the elders that I never want to enter a Kingdom Hall again. It wouldn't change anything, but it would make me feel better.

  • Finally-Free

    They never visited me, but that's not surprising since I warned them in my letter that any harassment or tresspassing would result in the police being called.

    I doubt they'd want me anyway since I never donated any money.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Someone who knows the exact details can comment if they like, but I believe the elders in most halls use a loophole.
    The wording of their instructions says something along the lines of the disfellowshipped person being receptive to such a visit. We typically met and someone would say that the person is "not receptive." To the elders, bothering with someone in this situation means there is some hope of enslaving them again, so they do it for those that visit occasionally, like on the Memorial or more often.

    I have heard them actually say that they knew where someone lived: 3rd house from the corner, but they didn't know their address and the directive from the society is to visit known DF'ed people in the assigned territory whose address is known to them. Stupid crap like that.

  • Me Myself and I
    Me Myself and I

    The shepherd would leave the 99 to find the 1........................scripture is easier to preach than living by the words the bible teaches.

    We have not had a visit, a phone call, not even a memorial invite through the letterbox from the "elders", which the best thing that couldve happened as it has cemented our decision to leave and highlighted all the contradictions and hypocrasy within the organisation.

    Even on the record cards on the do not calls, some of them were years old....yet when I was "territory servant" I made it my mission to call on every do not call to make sure they were still "real" do not calls. Nearly half of them shouldnt have been on the list as they had new occupants, receptive etc.....

    I wouldnt worry at all that they are leaving you in peace, think of it as....Jehovahs blessing!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I hadn't been well for quite a while and even tho I hadn't been to a meeting for a whole year, when I discovered I had "missed" the memorial back in 2010 I was disappointed and stated as much on my FB status by mentioning I hadn't received an invitation with the date and time so that I could attend.

    I received a "comment" by someone from the new cong saying "You knew where the KH was, didn't you?" At the time I was hurt not to be informed of when the memoral was but even more hurt by the comment from some-one I considered to be a friend as well as sister. I was disgusted and thought they must be expecting the "lost sheep" to make their own way back now!

    I have heard nothing since, not from anyone in my old cong or anyone from the new cong although they have my contact details. Maybe I have already been disfellowshipped and just don't know.

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