Is there anything they can't spin?

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep






    Don't tell a JW anything.

    Only ever ask questions ..... choose your question very carefully, then make sure they answer that question, not some other question that they have subtly changed your question to.

    Before you respond to your Dub's 'answer' to your question ......... take the time to ask yourself ......... "Did they really address the question that I just asked?"

    If they didn't .......... tell them. Refuse to respond to anything they said, as it is off topic anyway, and is usually hunting for an excuse to change topic or attack your character.

    My father prided himself on his never losing an argument. The reality was, that he had never met anyone who had the skills to stay on his chosen topic until he had banged the last nail into the WT's coffin. That has changed now.






  • wobble

    They can spin anything, they make political spin-doctors look as though they are stationary.

    And, as said above, the Dubs follow the example and spin stuff in their minds as you are talking to them.

    Black Sheep's excellent advice is spot on, just question, wait for answer, do not hold breath.

    Sadly do not expect them either to acknowledge in their own mind the basic dis-honesty of not addressing your question, they will have gone into the "Wait on Jehovah" default mode.


    It is a long, long process for most for the Cognitive Dissonance to build to such a point that eventually one thing triggers the whole house of cards falling down for them, but well positioned questions planted regularly will help the process along.

  • InterestedOne

    Yes Black Sheep & Wobble. I just had one of these exchanges with my study conductor over email, and I am learning my lesson about how they redirect the conversation. It started with him pointing out in the latest yearbook where they talk about how credible the writing department is. Specifically he noted how they no longer use certain quotes like from Gandhi or Newton because they found the quotes lack supporting evidence. My natural question was, "why did they publish the quotes in the first place?" Did they have solid evidence corroborated by the scholarly community of the world at the time, or were the quotes always suspect? If they were always suspect, is the yearbook saying their original publication of the quotes was the result of inadequate research? I pressed further and asked if WT readers at the time were expected to accept the information as credible and not question it because they would be considered disloyal? He responded by asking where in my Bible study or in the meetings I would have gotten the idea that questioning WT information would be considered disloyal. That put me in a position of having to dig up WT articles that indicate this mentality. Of course he analyzed the articles word for word to show that there was nothing in them that supported the idea I had about questioning the WT & disloyalty.

    Notice I originally asked if the WT had done poor research in the first place and if WT readers were expected to accept it anyway. He turned it into asking me to show him where I would have gotten that idea. Then he turned it into a parsing exercise. Finally he said I was misinterpreting the WT articles I showed him.

  • sherah

    IO - "He responded by asking where in my Bible study or in the meetings I would have gotten the idea that questioning WT information would be considered disloyal"

    He did not answer your question and he changed the subject. Like Black Sheep pointed out, keep a JW on topic and don't budge.

  • sleepingbeauty

    They have no answers for these type of questions, and go all defensive on you! What have they got to hide is what you should be asking!!

    I bet they will still side step the question though, cowards and liars just to protect the mother ship.. Morons

    Down with this cult!!!


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