I am thinking about ordering some sweets online

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is awesome. I was working in Brooklyn being trained to work for Social Security administration. There was this spontaneous announcement that we were going to Junior's. I knew Lindy's and some lower east side places from my parents. We piled into taxis and emerged at Junior's. One taste and I was converted. It is worth every penny. If you like NY cheesecake, this is the real mccoy. You must be in the mood for a lush, rich dessert.

    The sad part is the best is the one with fresh strawberries on top with gelatin. Not kosher at all. Authentic delics don't mix meat and dairy. Besides Brooklyn, there is a small but important outpost in the food court at Grand Central Station. It is a must for any trip to NYC. There other baked goods are great but the cheesecake is a gift from heaven. There used to be Sutter's in Greenwich Village that had great cheesecake but Junior surpasses all.

    If anyone is in Manhattan, I have some bar recommendations. The WTC bar is no more. The Carlyle, Oak Room and the restaurant on top of 30 Rock have great, grand style bars. You pay more but, again, worth every penny. Olives in the W Hotel around 14th St. Union Square has pricey but exquisite drinks. Unlike the Carlyle, the Plaza, etc. , Olives has more support from the local area than tourists or business people. Their restaurant is first quality. The Waverly Inn is also good. I like the bars b/c I can afford a drink more than an entire meal. I can't believe it but I look forward to checking out sophisticated bars in NY.

    Balthazars in Soho has good baked stuff as does Dean and DeLuca.

  • beksbks

    Hey Band, are you sure that's gelatin? I'd say corn starch.

  • FirstLastName

    I got these cupcakes for an Xmas gift and they were heavenly (I recommend the lemon cupcake). I think they had their own TV show - but I never saw it.



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is corn starch? It looks like gelatin, like a jell-o, not a powder or roux. I rarely ever bake so I don't know all the ingredients. Maybe I should start baking. There isn't a decent bakery in this area. I am used to the finest foods. What a difference.

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