Are Tie Neck Blouses stylish, or is there too much going on?

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  • miseryloveselders

    There's a woman in a different department next to my department. She's a very attractive woman, but at times she wears things that leave me perplexed. For instance, she had this blouse on with baggy swashbuckler sleaves. It was one of those things that made me go, WTF? You serious lady? Today she has on this blouse with a tie neck. She looks like a package that needs delivered. Typically she dresses ok, when she rocks the business or power suits. But my view of her has been tainted forever due to this blouse with an oversized bow tie. It's one of these.......

    She has a black jacket which draws some attention away from the thing around her neck, but is it me, or is this kind of blouse simply too complicated. She has Fed-Ex written all over her forehead.

  • brotherdan

    WAY too much going on there. Of course, never take fashion advice from me. I'm fashionly retarded.

  • QuestioningEverything

    LOL---hate it!! She needs to send that shirt back to the 70's where it belongs.

  • jay88

    Is that J.Seinfield?

  • snowbird

    I love that blouse.

    A wife for MLE.


  • DanaBug

    In that pic, the bow's larger than her face so it's overwhelming. If you keep the bow small and pair it with a pencil skirt, sheer tights, and some heels; you can get a sexy secretary look. But the skirt has to fit pretty tight and the hem hit at the right spot. It's all about balance. The outfit in that pic just looks sloppy.

  • snowbird

    Big bowtie blouses are back in!!!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Such a blouse is from the 1970s or 1980s. Indeed, my first silk blouse was like the one pictured. Tie necks are staging a comeback but they are very understated. For most women, a V-neck is the most flattering. I don't know where you live, however.

    I lived in NYC and the downtown crowd would not dress as in fashion magazines. Vintage is the rage. I don't even know where you could buy such a blouse today. A color analyst recommended I wear midnight navy rather than black. Try and find an out of fashion color. I can't custom dye. So she is prob. a fashion nerd or a trend setter. Maybe one can be both.

  • mamalove

    Is she young or old? Trendy? If she is bold and trendy, she might think she is being fashion forward. If she is older, then it is just another frumptastic combo she came up with. Yikes!

  • snowbird

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