"The New Rules of Healthy Eating"

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    The February 2011 issue of Men's Journal features an article entitled, Everything You Know About Nutrition is Wrong.The article is based upon Gary Taubes' latest book, Why We Get Fact: And What to Do About It.

    I have not read the book, but I'd like to share some of the highlights of the article with you. I'm also very interested in your feedback and reactions. Many of the ideas run contrary to what I've previously read.

    Everything You Know About Nutrition is Wrong

    1. Don't go on a diet -- change your diet. ". . .one of the best predictors of weight gain is having been on a diet at some point in the past."

    2. Don't eat anything with BHA, BHT, sodium nitrate "Shop only the periphery of the supermarket, choosing whole fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and dairy products -- instead of fruit juices, canned vegetable soups, chicken fingers, fish sticks, and chocolate-covered ice cream bars. . ."

    3. Don't count calories ". . .hormones control whether available calories in the body are stored as fat or liberated as energy."

    4. Get to know the glycemic index "If calories don't make you fat, what does? Carbohydrates, especially simple ones like sugar, honey and refined white flour."

    5. Eat meat from farms not factories. "Grain-fed meats tend to have more fat and fewer nutrients -- such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene -- than wild and grass-fed meat."

    6. Eat leafy green and brightly colored vegetables at every meal. "Leafy, cruciferous, and brightly colored vegetables are also excellent sources of fiber and complex carbohydrates, and they contain less sugar than most other carbohydrate sources."

    7. Put your mind into mindless eating "Stay stocked up on healthy, low-GI foods like nuts, beef jerky, cheese, plain yogurt; low-sugar fruit berries and apples; and even energy bars made from only whole ingredients. . ."

    8. Go easy on the fruit ". . .because of its high sugar content, you shouldn't think of fruit as the all-you-can-eat food group many nutritionists purport it to be."

    9. Eat some saturated fat -- eat more omega-3s ". . .you should vary the type you consume by rotating through beef, poultry, fish, game and pork, in addition to eggs and plant-based protein like soybeans."

    10. Learn to cook "Process foods play no role in fine cooking, and simple carbs are usually not the main ingredients in most high-quality recipes."


    My love of breads, pasta, beer and fruits run contrary to much of this advice. However, more meat/egg consumption is tempting.

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  • leavingwt

    An interview with the author:

    Fat Head: A lot of people found Good Calories, Bad Calories intimidating because it was heavy on science. In interviews, you’ve explained that you had to decide at some point if GCBC was going to be written for a lay audience or a medical-academic audience, and you chose the medical-academic audience because they’re the ones handing out the bad dietary advice. So … now that you’ve written a book that’s simple enough for the average high-schooler to understand, do you think more doctors and nutrition researchers will finally grasp what you’ve been trying to tell them?

    Gary Taubes: Short answer, yes. I think this book will be harder to ignore than GCBC, and the better it sells, the more difficult it will become to ignore.

    The idea was someone would say to them, “Have you seen this book that debunks calories-in-calories-out?” And they would sigh, or roll their eyes, and say no. Or maybe someone would give them a copy of the book, and get the same response. Then they’d throw it in their briefcases, take it on an airplane, open it up in a moment of intense irritation or because they forgot to bring other airplane reading with them, and find themselves drawn in first by the anecdotes — Hilde Bruch and all the fat children of New York in 1934 — and then by some of the ways of thinking about obesity that they’d simply never considered before.

    And a lot of these people are excruciatingly smart; they’ve just never had reason to question their beliefs before on why we get fat, as I hadn’t until about eight years ago. Given the opportunity to do it, I think they will be open to the ideas in the book.



    Has anyone here embraced the low-carb way of eating as something permanent?

  • elderelite

    leaving, very cool find! thank you for sharing

  • hamsterbait

    The main problem with modern diet is that it uses foods that our bodies have not yet evolved to deal with.

    Prehistoric humans ate root vegetables, nuts, berries, eggs, fruit and meat (in large quantities - 40% of the diet was meat)

    Grains were not found in sufficient quantity - birds and rodents are adapted to these. Milk from animals was not easily digested, but a mutation allowed humans to tolerate cows milk despite having no enzymes to digest lactose

    After agriculture. the race lost over a foot in height and started suffering from low-grade inflammatory diseases.

    I have recently adopted a diet where my starches are from roots and honey. I eat lean meat at every meal - of course I eat alot of fruit and other veggies. mono unsaturated fatty acids (in olives and nuts) help the body to burn fat, unbelievably.

    I avoid grains especially wheat. Grain was not a regular part our arboreal ancestors.

    I am losing weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • gutted

    This is some solid advice and stuff I follow. Diets don't work, you need to make gradual lifestyle choices instead (like limiting soft drinks).

    The one advice I don't agree with is on fruits. People need sugar/carbs for energy, but obv in our culture we get too much of it from crap. If you limit the crap you should never say "hmmm I guess I shouldn't eat this apple because it has too much sugar", you will be missing out on a lot of nutrients. Unless you are grossly obese this advice is bunk.

  • VIII

    The Paleo Diet, which is what hunter-gathers ate, is now being promoted:


    Basically, meat and vegetable. No dairy, no starch, no pasta, etc. Simple.

    If you can kill it, catch it, pick it, eat it.

  • PSacramento

    I eat what I want, when I want and if someone doesn't like it they can kiss my succulent gluets !!!

  • PSacramento
    The Paleo Diet, which is what hunter-gathers ate, is now being promoted:

    That diet has been around for awhile and it sucks !

    I like cheese and you know what? I like pasta too !


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I believe lifestyle and happiness is the key. I was miserable and fat. I moved to Spain. I was happy. I lost 6 stones in 18 months not a single calorie counted. Regrettably had to return back to England and all 6 stones returned as well.

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