IF J.W. are genuine christians

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  • bobld

    Why do they need to wear a badge to a D.C.?

    Should not their love be so noticeable that an observer would know that they are true followers of Christ.Or is their love lacking that they need a badge to identify who they are.


  • TheLoveDoctor

    U cant judge a book by its cover. so it does provide some protetion by knowing

  • Satanus

    I was going to chime in, but, i started thinking about what a genuine christian would be. The reality is that there is no such thing. However, there is an ideal of what the genuine christian would be and be able to do. First, of course, they would be able to do ALL the miracles that jesus did, and more. Could live off, basically nothing, cuz god would provide. Would know about people; thoughts, desires, intentions, instantly. Would be able to love all people. Those are just a few identifying marks of a true christian, form my reading of the nt and reading of the lives of some of the catholic saints. 'Course, i have my doubts about the levels of verity in those bios.


  • fokyc

    Why do the elders tell so many lies?

    Why all the secret letters?

    Why are the rules so secret? (The new elders manual)

  • ProdigalSon

    Because they're paranoid of infiltrators and spies?

    Because they want to know who is in "good standing" and who is DF'd?

    Just guessing.....

  • carla

    jw's true Christians? Considering no non jw considers them 'true Christians' in any sense of the word and all jw's are taught to regard each other with caution (you never know they may not be a 'real' jw) there is no way that anybody considers them 'genuine' Christians, even amongst themselves.

  • WTWizard

    These embarrassment badges are intended to make the witlesses look like complete dorks while out in public. (As if the crappy suits didn't do that enough.) Also, I don't see any reason why anyone would want to join an organization simply because you are part of it--if that was the case, any MLM would be flooded with members. In actuality, no one gives a fxxx about what organization you belong to, as long as you are not forcing them into it.


    Police wear Badges..Every JW is a WBT$/JW Policeman..

    There`s always someone Fornicating..

    Outsiders are constantly trying to break into WBT$/JW Assemblies..

    There is No End to Criminal Activity,in Watchtower World..

    "MR and MRS JW Johnson are having Oral Sex?!!"..

    "Thanks for the Tip"..

    "We`ll get over there Right Away!"..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Poztate

    Badges are a security feature. At any JW convention and indeed at many or most large secular conventions the wearing of a badge is encouraged.

    It helps security staff (yes JW's have security) to weed out troublemakers,pickpockets or thieves.

    It is not perfect but is does help.

    EDIT...Wearing a badge after sessions is BULLSHIT and just control

  • pirata

    I cannot tell a genuine christian from an atheist if I had to randomly identify people in a crowd. Some Christians and atheists are loving and some are not. And it depends on their mood and circumstances.

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