Is the salutation ... "Are you in The Truth?" ... still in use?

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  • Chalam

    "Do you still like Kool-Aid?"

    Personally I prefer the Living Water :)

    Keep refreshed,


  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Stephen, that is the most refreshing post I have seen from you.

  • blondie

    That phrase still persists and ex-jws find it hard to stop using it.

    I always say "whose truth"?

  • aqwsed12345

    Watchtower Dictionary says:

    • " come into the truth, to To become a Jehovah’s Witness. “I came into the truth in 1991. When did you come into the truth?”"
    • " in the truth slang Associated with the Watchtower organization. Examples: “I’ve been in the truth ten years; how long have you been in the truth?” “I was born in the truth.”"
    • " truth , the The JW organization, as in, “I’ve been in the truth since 1981.”"

    This very diehard JW dictionary says:

    true Christian
    Synonymous with ``one of {Jehovah's Witnesses}'' among people {in the Truth}. The implication is that the one referred to is {doing well}. Of course there are many {unbelievers} who have a different opinion. <<A faithful, hospitable widow in Canada was raising four young daughters as true Christians.>> [w95 10/15 32] She was raising them to become Jehovah's Witnesses.
    true religion, true worship
    The worship of Jehovah as outlined by Jehovah himself in the Bible, and not by men, and carried out by his {organization}, both the heavenly and visible parts. (Joh 4:23)
    truth, Truth
    That which is actually so; it is never at odds with itself. When spelled with a capital (in mid-sentence), it refers to the full body of revealed Truth about God and his purposes as explained in his Word, and taught by his{organization}. The practice of consistently spelling it with a capital when referring to the Truth in the sense defined here may be my own, and is modeled after Acts 9:2 and other verses that show the early disciples used the phrase ``The Way'' to refer to true Christianity. (Note that The is capitalized, as it appears all three times in NW.

    NOTE: The scriptural and divinely inspired name for the true worshipers of Jehovah, {Jehovah's Witnesses}, is a recent acquisition, seen in retrospect to have been given to satisfy a need to be distinct from other groups who likewise profess to be Christian. Thus when outsiders ask us what our religion is, we quickly reply: ``We're Jehovah's Witnesses!'' Under such circumstances it would not be adequate to say: ``We are Christians.'' A Roman Catholic or Baptist might give the same reply. Nor would it be meaningful to say: ``I'm in the Truth.'' However, inside the organization, among one another, we refer to our religion as ``the Truth'', because that is what it is. <<How long have you been in the Truth?>>

    in the Truth
    The state of being a dedicated, baptized servant of Jehovah. <<How long have you been in the Truth?>> <<I have no fleshly relatives who are in the Truth.>> (See also {Truth}.)

    NOTE: The phrase does not intend to imply anything about how well a person might be doing in the Truth. <<So you've been in the Truth for ten years, huh? But how long has the Truth been in you?>> An admittedly cheeky question.

  • wobble

    I just hate that expression "In the truth", it doesn't make sense, it is an absolute lie, it is just a cult mind-control expression, I caught my wife using it the other day, boy did I tell her off !

    The last questioning I got was from a guy who is now married to a JW girl who grew up in the Congo. we used to attend. He asked;

    "You must be a Witness then ?"

    I straight away told him of our situation, and it turns out that he is a convert, not born-in, and is really questioning it now, so I directed him to JW Facts excellent site, and to here, perhaps he is one of the newbies ?

  • designs

    The last time I was at a Witness gathering several asked if I still loved Jehovah. Why would they ask that just because I have long hair and a full beard

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    stop calling it truth it's a lie

    The question should be "are you still in the lie" ???

  • Ding

    Nancy Drew,

    I have an ex-JW friend who used to startle new ex-JWs who would come for get-togethers at her house by saying, "So, how long were you in the lie?"

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    I straight away told him of our situation, and it turns out that he is a convert, not born-in, and is really questioning it now, so I directed him to JW Facts excellent site, and to here, perhaps he is one of the newbies ?

    Congratulations, wobble! It would make my day to connect with a Jehovah's Witness in that way.

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