typical witnesses !!!

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  • warmasasunned

    a friend of mine x jw like myself, works as a window cleaner on a road where a family of active jws live. he watched a situation develop over a say a year were they started a bible study with a local neighbour and eventually he became a jw himself.

    now this fella was a bit of a odd bod, looked odd, dressed odd, generally made people feel a little uncomfortable, but not a bad person lets use an often used phrase in england "an eccentric".

    well of course he showed a little bit of interest, pherhaps he was lonely. well of course he was really fussed over by is local jw neighbours, bible study,. invited round for tea, taken to the meetings.

    even my friend x jw said "you really saw a change in him, he looked really normal" (whatever that is")

    of course once he was baptised the loving witnesses started to back off, they started to talk to him on there door step not inviting him in, then eventually they would talk to him through a closed window.

    then this week my friend turned up on the street to do his window round and the jws are moving out.

    so he approaches the so called "brother" and asks why he's moving out (he fell away not df)

    "oh we can't put up with being bothered all the time by the brother up the road, he's always coming round, he's got to find his own spiritual feet"

    my friend smiled to himself an thought "typical witnesess !!!"

  • cantleave

    A bit drastic moving to avoid someone.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Maybe they are trying to fade.

  • Hoffnung

    Pharisees. Turned off by their own "success". What a joke! 1st all this efforts to seduce/convert him, and now they run away from him. self-induced problems. They should have respected the bloke for what he was.

  • mimimimi

    Sheesh! If he had lots of money, I bet they would sing a different tune. But they befriended him, someone probably no one else had any use for, and the truth is they have no use for him either. So loving, wouldn't you say!

  • looloo

    that poor man sounds like someone i know who has aspergers syndrome ! how cruel !" by their fruits you will know them "

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