Hypocrisy in latest Awake

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  • dozy

    The April 2011 Awake (downloadable on jw.org) contains a Watching the World article on the Catholic Paedophile abuse situation in Ireland.

    Quite apart from the sheer hypocrisy in criticising other religions when the Society has enough child abuse problems of their own , they make this statement "the abuse was ignored because of misguided loyalty to the absolute authority of the Catholic Church." This from an organisation that demands complete submission to their absolute authority.

    I can't help think of Barbara & Joe Anderson who were disfellowshipped because they refused to submit to the absolute authority of the Governing Body and spoke out against child abuse.

  • cantleave

    The amazing audacity of them.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I know when I was still in the borg I didn't believe any of the JW paedophile stories and possibly it is still the same for those who have never had one in their cong. The best form of defense is attack!!!

  • designs

    Are you really surprised at the arrogance and hubris of the Wathctower or any Christian religion.

  • aquagirl

    Im thinking that EVERY issue of everything the borg has ever put out is rife w/hypocrisy.

  • wannabefree

    Do you think it is possible that the average bethelite isn't aware of this and perhaps that includes members of the writing department? When I became aware of it, I could no longer in good conscience make biased comments on the subject, but you also come to realize that just about everybody around you either isn't aware or also pretends they aren't, cuz certainly a good Witness isn't going to listen to apostates.

  • jay88

    I have to conclude that the WTBTS is playing the game of mockery. They are a joke and they know it. But the joke is not on them, it is on those who listen to them and go to them for spiritual guidance.

  • besty

    I know first hand of a UK elder (former MTS graduate, convention speaker and PO) who couldn't believe his ears when the CO addressed the circuit elders meeting with the good news that "there were no pedophile issues in their circuit."

    My elder friend had personally handled 4 such issues in the recent preceding years.

    The CO was flat out lieing.

    This contributed to the accelerated fade of my friend.

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    I think that they want to maintain the average witness in disbelief of what the news report about child abuse within the organization. So, if they continue to tell about child abuse in others denominations, its a way of distract them from the real problem inside.

    The average witness believes that all people that pratice such crime in the organization is disfellowshipped and the Governing Body wants that myth continues.

  • Joliette

    Who writes this stuff? A serious almost fatal case of watchtower amesia.

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