"We taught you right from wrong, you should be thankful!"

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    This is, of course, a huge lie. And it is not a statement, but an an excuse for all the other bullshit and harm caused by the WT religion. Since the religion itself is a big scam, a racket, a destroyer of families and lives, a cause of mental illness, sickness, religious slavery, financial loss and stress, but most of all a LIE, they did NOT teach right from wrong. They cannot claim that one should be grateful because a religion which is wrong itself taught them "right from wrong."

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    sabastious - "For some reason they don't believe that you can live a life acceptable before God without their micromanagement in all our lives."

    This attitude isn't unique to the WTS.

    It's a fundamental component to virtually all religious conservative worldviews; that, essentially, all humans are inherently bad and need to be kept on a short leash for their own and society's own damn good.

    The civic unrest and relative chaos of the 60s solidified that view in their minds like nothing else (especially for those who were nostalgic about the 50s), and they've been freaked out about it ever since.

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