A certain "special program", or an "organizational adjustment"?

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  • Gayle

    I am wondering if this is a situation happening more outside of the U.S. and it has been claimed there are 88,500 elders in U.S. That averages 7 elders per cong.

    I would expect this would be a more common problem in third world countries, or otherwise poorer countries, where much of their growth is happening. The WTS will not be able to meet the needs of such countries, nor will they have a strong drive to do so.

  • DagothUr

    In my ex-congo, we only had 2 elders. One of them was old and always ill. We also had 2 MS. The congo had 40 members. One of the MS had to take the office of deputy of the FS supervisor. This is just a technical mumbo-jumbo, since a MS cannot, doctrinally, replace an elder. But in fact, that MS was in charge with the FS in the congo. He was literally doing an elder's job. After some time, the other MS was demoted and 2 new MS were appointed. An elder was moved from a larger congregation in a nearby city and had to serve in our congo. Just before I left, another brother was appointed as MS. So, by the time I left, the congregation had 46 members, 3 elders (one is old and rather futile, one is from another city) and 4 MS (one that is experienced enough to replace any elder, another one is 20 years old and was baptized an year earlier, another old brother and finally a married brother, 30 years old, with a secular job that barely leaves him any time to attend the meetings, lest to serve as MS). This last MS brother was the deputy overseer of the Ministry School in our congo.

    The conclusion is...we were short of elders and that was the problem not only in our congo. The MS appointments were rushed and the nominees were unqualified. The overall age of MS and elders has dropped. Also the time between the baptism and the appointment.

    I know for sure this was a problem all around Romania. Not enough males and from them there were not enough qualified individuals. And those qualified were not reaching out.

  • Gayle

    In the '70s, there were so many moving to the "where the need was greater" to help such areas. These were JWs that were healthy, had some decent funds (many had sold their nice homes), full of idealism/zeal, the end of the "6,000 years," push, 1975 push, etc. Many or most, returned, broke, serious health problems. Many remained with the organization, but broken in spirit.

    I don't hear of much of that any more.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    H owever, when the baptismal candidate is fe m ale, the discussions should be held in such a way that the elder or ministerial servant is never alone with her. It may be possible, for example, to hold the discussion in an open room in the sister's home where they will remain in plain view of others but out of earshot. Or perhaps they can meet at the Kingdom Hall in a similarly appropriate setting when another congregation is having a meeting.

    It continues to astound me how the WT$ feels that being left alone with the opposite sex means that bumping uglies is going to occur.

    As far as the elder numbers go, a lot of these cats are OLD! Nothing wrong with that but they desperately need youth and fresh blood in the elder ranks.

  • brotherdan

    It continues to astound me how the WT$ feels that being left alone with the opposite sex means that bumping uglies is going to occur.

    Exactly! They don't trust ANYONE. Imagine what would happen if people were allowed to choose things for themselves!!! I'm sure that sends a shudder down their spines.

  • yknot

    Now now sex starved people can be voracious until their basic needs are met and a regular supply is accepted..... ditto for actual physically starving people and also those otherwise emotionally or socially restricted from normalcy.

    and I know a lot of sexually, socially and emotionally starving JWs....

  • possible-san


    Thank you for your kindness.

    Well, the date of the BOE letter which you found is "January 19, 2010."
    That is, that is a letter in last year.

    With regard to that letter, pirata had said like this.

    There was a January 19, 2010 letter regarding how Ministerial Servants can be used in the congregation when there are not enough elders...

    Probably, the issue discussed in a Japanese forum is not that letter in last year.

    We cannot look all BOE letters, therefore there is a limit in our investigation.

    Thank you, yknot.


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