Saving them for what?

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  • Ozzygal

    I find myself lacking in zeal in the door-to-door work. I have this hidden feeling that these worldly people are better off to face Jah's judgement at Armageddon with their ignorance intact, rather than to bring them into our fold to struggle daily for worthiness and perhaps be set up for failure. Does anyone else ever think this way?

  • overthehillgrandma

    sister..I think you need to pray more about this, you sound like someone on the edge? are you? have you taken this feeling to Jehovah?....I am speachless, I do not know what to say..

  • Scorpion

    When I see someone I helped into the truth attend meetings regularly and start going door to door, I see it as a worthwhile adventure and duty of a true believer.

    I at times when confronted with an obstinate person at the door, feel like throwing a rock through their window or poisoning their dog. (JUST KIDDING) :-)

  • Dubby


    I have to admit that I have similar feelings.


  • waiting

    We have always been taught that we have Freedom of Speech because of a clean conscience to Jehovah. Such as, years ago, when I dated a worldly guy, and then a young sister asked my opinion on her choice of men, I did not feel I had the right to answer her because I had lost my freedom of speech.

    Somewhat like that, I now feel that I have lost my freedom of speech to talk to others who don't know how they could be potentially treated by the Organization. I cannot in good conscience recommend our way of life - I don't know if it is a good way of life. I have always been told it is the best, and only way of life, but then, I never really questioned why they were telling me to obey them.

    I think it's time to try and think.

  • Ozzygal


    On the edge? More like standing in the doorway with one foot in and one foot out. I guess I'm still deciding which way to go. Back into the windowless artificial light, or out into the sunshine...So far, praying hasn't helped.

    It is a very proud feeling to have brought someone into the congregation, it gives you an improved social status, but as time goes on and you see the daily struggle they are going through, the problems they are facing with their families, the difficulties they have with trying to help their children understand why they can't do certain things anymore..... well, I begin to wonder if it was such a good thing.

    and Waiting,
    You described it very well. I guess it boils down to that feeling of being a hypocrit. How can I be preaching the wonders of the truth, when I know longer feel the wonder of it?

    I guess it's time for me to start making some hard decisions in my life.

  • waiting

    Welcome to the club.

    I've been looking for a parallel between the experience of losing one's faith and losing a loved one in death or being jilted by a lover.

    In being left behind, thru death, jilt, or lose, steps have to be taken to get thru the experience. Some being: 1. disbelief: (how could the Society do this?) 2. anger: HOW COULD THE SOCIETY DO THIS TO ME???? 3. depression: My Society did this to me...... and 4. getting over it: My Society did this, and I still have my faith in Jehovah and Jesus.

    During therepy, I learned that these are slippery steps - a person can go thru them not in order and more than once. Not good news, but comforting to know you're not alone or nuts.

    Again, welcome to the growing group growing away from the Society and hopefully towards the real truth of Jehovah. Your not alone, the Society just wants you to think that way. Guilt has always been their strong card to keep us within.

  • mgm

    Hello together
    yes, the society gonna face a hart time in the future!
    The tendency for the future is:
    more indifferent, less preaching, less meetings, more questions, everywhere decreasing numbers....
    But as we know, the society has an excuse for both cases, wheter the numbers are going up or down.
    How many brothers are just doing the minimum not to be df, in order to be togehter with family?
    Young brothers are starting to plan more for the future, school, job and family. I can see even a "babyboom" in my area...
    The fds try hard to have new peak numbers with articels like: "make the april to your best month ever!". But it won't work...
    After you know the "truth about the truth", the motivation is gone. As I sad before, some are just attending for familiy reasons or in hope of changes in the future. But the exodus will go on ...

  • RedhorseWoman

    mgm, I agree with you totally. There have been too many failed prophecies, too many "ironclad" rules that have been twisted and molded over the years so that they bear little resemblance to the original. Too many cries of "you all misinterpreted what we said. YOU, YOU are all wrong.....WE are correct, again!"

    Too many lives lived in despair because EVERYTHING was considered to be a lack of spiritual activity rather than an emotional, mental, or physical condition that could have benefited from treatment.

    Too many women and children emotionally, sexually, and physically abused because of trying to follow the WTBTS counsel to be in subjection to the "man".

    Too many elderly forced to live in near poverty conditions because they gave everything they had to the "truth" in their younger years and who now find that there is nothing for them in their "golden years", while the GB lives in opulence in their retirement center paid for by the labor of dedicated Christians.

    I could go on with many more abuses, but the point is that people are finally starting to think. Vehicles such as the Internet are allowing all of us to "compare notes" so to speak.
    The veil has lifted, and knowledge will eventually win.

  • Frenchy

    I was gonna' ask how many of you here wanted to volunteer for a cleaning assignment at the Dist Conv. but I guess that's out now, right???

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