Elder said people "rarely" die from refusing a blood transfusion

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  • TheLoveDoctor

    what is interesting is the fact that thier stand on blood has changed, now u can have the ingredient parts but not the whole sandwich which is still the same thing. years ago no transplants now its a personal decision one in which one may have been disfellowshiped. whether wt had a big part in bloodless surgy or not doesnt change thier past. also its clear that at times that if only a transfusion will save you life wt says you should die for your faith. wt capitilizes on the fractions to act as thier helping jws because the fact is most jws dont look into the matter to make a decision. I also think since wt isnt looking to lose more witnesses they dont follow thier own stricked rules on the matter or because it a heavy toppic even for elders. I myself would alway be nervouse that i would as an elder be called to the hospital to deal with the blood issue for a br. or sis. first and formost because the did not prepare themselves and i myself dont think i could or would understand all the medical hoopla. Many long time witness who want to do the right thing and dont understand all that medical hoopla just put down no blood no blood cause the dont understand the fraction stuff, and affraid to take blood and sin..

    my oppinion is like most normal people if i can do with no blood and or take a fraction that just makes sense and it would have happened with or without jws help. there are so many variables. No one should be judged either way but is best for us in any and before if possible medical situation to be as informed as possible .

  • Rabbit

    1. He said if a doctor says you have a high risk of dying if you refuse a blood transfusion, he is misleading you. He said people "rarely" die from refusing a blood transfusion. Is there a statistic to confirm or refute that statement?

    Call my JW Mom "rarely", cause she most certainly is dead and buried. Docs & nurses...were about to pull out their own hair -- they could have easily saved her. *sigh*

    2. The elder asked the congregation what are some things that "usually" happen when you take a blood transfusion. People responded with things such as hepatitis, infection, or your body rejecting the blood, and he approved of their responses. Do these complications happen frequently enough to say they "usually" happen?

    My sweet wife (never a dub) needed a blood transfusion last year. What happened ? She looked like death -- they started transfusing -- slowly, slowly...she started getting a little pink in her cheeks, then her finger tips as life giving oxygen found each of her cells that had been smothering. Finally, her eyes fluttered, focused on me...and smiled.

    That was all. That was everything to me. It was like a resurrection -- just the opposite of watching my Mom smothered to death. Over an old Jewish dietary law.

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  • Palimpsest

    "Rarely" still equals "too often."

  • Palimpsest

    (Sorry, double-post.)

  • thetrueone

    Sometimes lies are propositioned to protect power ( elders) ....... think about it

    Think about why there has been so much lies coming out from the mouth and mouths of this organization (WTS)

    and the answer does appear and come into focus.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    And the people who "rarely die" are usually young mothers.

    If the people who "rarely died" were old coots who claim to speak for god, they would change their tune real quick and decide that transfusions were dandy.

  • Rabbit


    If the people who "rarely died" were old coots who claim to speak for god, they would change their tune real quick and decide that transfusions were dandy.

    You've just explained how the GB concoct their changes on blood fractions, so-called, "NewLight". They lost someone close to them. It got personal.

    Flyin', thank ya' sweetie !

  • Check_Your_Premises

    If you lose enough blood, your red blood count level will become to low to carry sufficient oxygen throughout your body. In that event, you WILL die, regardless of how many stupid meetings you went to, how many times you went out in FS, or how many magazines you peddled for the publishing company.

    If it was such an insignificant number, why doesn't the society EVER offer a number on how many witnesses died while refusing doctor prescribed blood treatment?

    They count everything else?!?!

    The WT blood policy is an abomination.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    a long time JW friend of mine told me the other day that "even doctors wouldn't want blood transfusions".

    i responded that absolutely noone would WANT a blood transfusion. it's not something you do for fun. and doctors wouldn't give you blood just for fun either.

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