is it just me??

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  • therevealer

    or does the cover of the april awake look more like an inquisition of an unfaithful sister/lady than helping a grieving sister/lady??

  • Joliette

    Can you post a picture?

  • therevealer
  • therevealer
  • leavingwt

    My caption for the photo:

    "We know you took the money. Let's do this the easy way -- tell us what you did with it."

  • james_woods

    therevealer is right on here - that guy standing in the back looks like a TV cop just about to handcuff her -

    check out the expression on his face...

  • Violia

    yes the caption, " your mother was a dedicated sister whom we all loved. We know she left her home to the WTS. We are sure you would want to honor your mother's last wishes. ( otherwise speak to our lawyers)

  • leavingwt

    "Please tell us, WHO gave you this apostate book? We're going to find out, anyway."

  • undercover
    " your mother was a dedicated sister whom we all loved...

    Look closer... It's not her mother or sibling. It's a child that died. Look at the subsequent photos in the magazine.

    Maybe I'm over reaching here but this is a sly, sinister ploy being used.

    In WT beliefs, one should be looking forward to the end in their lifetime. The hope is that they won't have to experience death or lose people in death. Yet, death happens. It happens every normal folk and JWs alike. So you can't ignore the fact that people are dying, but you can angle the articles of comfort to not give people reason to focus on the fact that the old ones are dying off without having their hopes of everlasting life realized. Instead of this young woman's mother dying, it's her child, a toddler. For a toddler to die, it was an unexpected, tragic death...not the result of growing old and dying naturally.

    So the subliminal message of the photos is that this woman is grieving the 'unexpected' death of a loved one, not the natural progression of life followed by death. That would go against the message of God's Kingdom as brought to you by his Slave Class.

    Sneaky, sneaky bastards...

  • Violia

    got me undercover. should have looked closer.

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