WTS - The most inefficient marketing company in the world!

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  • Robert7

    Businesses have a known customer acquision cost. This is the cost of advertising, subsidies, etc. it takes to add one new customer. A bank may spend $200 total, on average, to acquire a single new customer.

    Now let's take the WTS. In 2010, 1.6 Billion hours are spent to acquire 294,000 new members. This is an average of 5450 hours per member.

    Think about that, 5450 hours! There is a cost in those hours. Opportunity cost, time that could have been spent doing other things, even working. Plus costs with travel, gas, etc. Let's place some values on the hourly cost, low, medium, and high:

    • 5450 hours x $2/hr = $10,900
    • 5450 hours x $5/hr = $27,250!!
    • 5450 hours x $7.25/hr (minimum wage) = $39,500!!

    Talk about the most inefficient acquisition cost! In the US at a time value of minimum wage, this would be $40,000 per new publisher!

    Imagine if they used these resources to real advertising!

  • Joliette

    Wow, those are some good points!

  • Robert7

    Don't forget that a good percentage of those baptised are family/children, so the average hours per baptism of new converts, and therefore cost, is probably quite a bit higher!

  • Honesty

    It doesn't cost the Watchtower Society one red cent.

    The JW's provide the funds and they do all the work for theWTBTS on

    voluntary basis.

  • Robert7

    It doesn't cost the WTS one cent, but it costs the people, Jehovah's Witnesses a LOT of money. The WTS is causing its members to spend a rate of, depending on how you calculate the loaded hourly cost, from $10,000 to $40,000 or more per new baptism.

  • moshe

    I would estimate that an active JW family in the USA will probably wear out one extra car in their lifetime from all the usless miles they drive doing FS and return visits.

  • porfiada

    Well done Robert this religion cannot have Godly-Direction for sure...

  • Robert7

    Moshe... Good point. Let's say an average drive in service is 30 miles. This will vary depending on territory...Let's assume one FS day a week, for 40 years.

    30 miles x 52 weeks a year x 40 years = 62,400 miles.

    If someone is 'good' and goes out twice a week, that's over 120,000 miles.

    So yes, that's at least a half a car, if not a whole car worn out in service.

  • WTWizard

    And that assumes they aren't going to turn apostate. It also includes many minor children of families already in the cancer. I wonder how much worse it would be if they only counted those who are recruited, and discounting those with extreme mental conditions that make them incapable of making a proper dedication.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I did a quick search on the charities commission here in UK for Hampshire. There are 38 KHs and although I didn't go through all their accounts most were in profit averaging at least £5k a year or more and one made £13k. Not bad for a not for prophet (oops, I mean profit) organization!!!

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