Is anyone on here from Milwaukee (or Wisconsin for that matter?)

by Joliette 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • AudeSapere

    About 5 or 6 years ago, it seemed that half the board was from either Texas or Wisconsin.

    There were some well-publicized Apostafests in both areas.

    Seems that most of the old Wisconsin people don't post much anymore but here is link to one of the Apostacheesefests:

    If you are hoping to meet up with some on this board, you may want to consider re-posting under the heading of 'Get-Togethers and Apostafests' or asking a moderator to move this thread to that section. Threads like this one often get buried quickly and once buried rarely come back to the top of active topics. However, when others are looking to meet up with posters near them or when travelling, they can go to the 'Get-Together' section and see who is nearby.

    I've done it myself many times with happy results!


  • chickpea

    representing wisconsin's north coast....

    way way WAY north of you

  • The_Present_Truth

    Ashland? Superior?

  • pbrow

    another sconnie here! madison area

  • Magwitch

    The present truth: What years were you in that area? I moved to Bruce and went to the Ladysmith hall starting at age 3 - 1968 (not 63). I left for Colorado in 1981. I am sure we know a lot of the same people.

  • Joliette

    Oh wow you guys are waaaaaay up

  • The_Present_Truth


    I did the math after I posted originally. I was 6 years old in 1981. I guess I wasn't running the roads quite yet. But you know how it is up there, for the most part the same people have been there forever. I bet we do know / did know a lot of the same people. Trouble is that after a fade of about 15 years for me and moving across the country I'm finding it's getting harder to remember them. Thank God!

  • Magwitch

    Present Truth...I sent you a PM

  • jworld

    I currently live in Milwaukee. Grew up in Minnesota (I'm a JW born in) and moved here about 10 years ago. I've gone to a few KH's in the area but never for more than a couple months at a time. I've pretty much given up now. I don't really believe it so whats the point. I went to the Memorial this year and after reading the before posts on here about what to look for regarding suspicious application of scriptures to support the WT's interpretation, I might not go next year. Anyway, its always fun to hear from people in the area. :)

  • poppers

    I am from Cameron, just south of Rice Lake and 32 miles west of Ladysmith (I graduated from Mount Senario College). I have a brother in Brookfield, near Milwaukee.

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