investigations...not mentioned in bible..

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  • oompa

    i have been investigated to death....and it just hit me that i dont think the word is even mentioned in the bible...jesus message was so much about love...yet jws seem to be more interested in investigating anything they deem as WRONGDOING! where did this need for constant investigations come from when i dont really see it in the bible?....not that i believe a word of it anyway...but geeze how did they become a religion of detectives or keystone cops????...........oompa

  • Heartbreaker

    I have nothing constructive to add, just popped on to say OOOMPA! Glad to see ya posting buddy!!

    Kansas girl

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    How are you doing, Oompa?

    This started since the Sanhedrin.

  • oompa
    oompa kansas girl....geeze one of you kansas gals has gotten me messed up!!....are you my fb friend near lenexa?? cause i forget your name here on jwd...and ya...she broke my heart

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your opening post is as I understand it, also. Jesus did not tell the disciples to pry.

    I sent you a PM, please check it out.

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