Could use a little input on freedom of speech with JW relatives.

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    NICOLAOU- You have freedom of speech insofar as trying to show authentic love to your family. You don't have freedom of speech in regards to expressing your views openly to them about the witnesses and their beliefs - from what you wrote. I go through the same thing with my JW family.

    My 83 year old JW mom is VERY open and I can talk about almost anything JW with her and she won't judge me, but I have to be more careful with my elder dad. AS a fader of 7 years myself, my 2 adult JW daughters won't talk to me at all , they flip out over ANYTHING that sniffs of JW talk. I have one sibling like that also, and my other two siblings are respectful to me as a family member, but guarded. So the point I'm making here is you may have a few JW family members who will talk more openly about your honest feelings - but you have to determine WHICH family members you can safely do this with without walking on eggshells. I know you stated you don't WANT to " walk on eggshells " - I get that - however if you want to have some kind of relationship with your JW relatives , unfortunately the " eggshell " syndrome is mandatory I have found.

    So- It's up to each faded or inactive witness to determine how much BS we can tolerate to keep family or not. Some just say screw it and won't deal with JW family at all , some- like myself just stay on non JW topics when talking to them. It's a personal decision only you can make my friend. I wish you the best . Hang in there

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