"The Return of Jonny the Bethelite"

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  • MrFreeze

    I appreciate these. I download them and listen to them on my mp3 player at work. I look forward to this one.

  • yourmomma

    did any of these people ask any of the relovant questions that were suposse to be asked during this conference call?

  • koolaid-man

    Johnny comes on 10 hours in............ You have got to hear this. He talks about The new Flock book,The lost boys of NY., the untouchable sisters and things you have never heard before......

    Link to recording.... http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/telenetwork/six-screens.php

  • mkr32208

    When do the aliens come in?

  • koolaid-man

    They come in every year usually in Aug., when we have our annual JWN conference call.

  • greenhornet

    So Rick how do I get to John in the closet? I am not going to listen 10 hours. I just want to hear the jucy part.

  • lisaBObeesa
  • bnybyt

    I downloaded the conversation and writing down some notes on thaw Johnny says:

    Johnny starts talking at (10:00) ten hours into the conversation.
    Johnny comes in asking for Rick and says he's being followed.
    Admits elders are after him, says they won't let him leave, says they 
    have no idea it was him on the recording which was played back and 
    he listened to his own voice.
    The other callers keep interrupting him especially the lady, very annoying. 
    Says a lot of sisters, the untouchable sisters have been throwing themselves 
    at Johnny inviting him to nightclubs. 
    Elders told him they would scrutinize his family if he leaves Bethel. 
    They're going to see if they can dig anything up against his brother and father.
    The GB member told him to his face "we can't let you leave knowing what you've done"
    He says he's being followed. That nobody in the IT dept. can leave. 
    Those who are called lost boys are ones who don't have anywhere to go other than Bethel.
    He has gone 8 blocks out of his way to have privacy. 
    From where he is he'd be able to see a Bethelite coming a half a mile away. he's in a very residential area.
    he left his dorm exactly at 2am. That's around the time when he can get out. 
    At a restaurant called Z's Asian restaurant undercover bethelites sit next to him.
    Asks to be forgiven, because he doesn't know who's coming through the door and is spooked.
    He believes that if he tells his parents they'll tell him to take Jehovah's side 
    instead and wont listen to him.
    He claims that they silenced Bro Barr and Bro Barber before they passed away.
    He says that his father and brother are clean and they cant get anything on him.
    The lady is still interrupting and being annoying.
    Johnny says if they really want you they don't have to have any proof, it could be anything, 
    like if they say Hey you stepped on my toe so you're Disfellowshipped.
    He thinks if his brother and father found out they'd be emotionally devastated. 
    He thinks that after all ashes fall and everything settles down his father and brother would listen.
    Johnny says he grew up in the Truth then left it then came back in.
    He says he just about had it and almost punched the GB member who 
    threatened his family with DFing.
    Says there was an idea back in the seventies in the time of brother FRAWNZ (as he pronounces it) 
    about publishing information surreptitiously to tell those at Bethel about the things going on in the WT.
    He's had a conversation, since he's one of the heads of IT Tech, he had a conversation 
    with one of the highest ranking at Bethel that told him he can't leave and if he tried they will discredit him. 
    Saying that he's disgruntled. He wants to go out clean. But all these sisters are being thrown at him.
    He just plans to continue with his routine and his stupid smile. 
    Dale (JWundergroundrailroad.org) is trying to help people to come out from branches etc. 
    Johnny doesn't allow any of these conversations to be on his bethel phone. 
    and basically his problem is that he needs to buy minutes for his phone. 
    Dale offers to buy him a phone card or minutes for Johnny's phone. 
    Johnny says you can buy an ATT card and give him the code to use 
    on his prepaid ATT phone. Rick has his email and his fake Facebook account. 
    His original job  at bethel.  was to befriend other JWs on Facebook and spy on them. 
    He's hitting bottom though, having a rough time. He says he's only slept two hours per week.
    When he commented at morning worship he doesn't know if he even made any sense.
    Everyone is noticing more and more at Bethel that its more and more about money. 
    And everyone is noticing that it's not about Jesus and Jehovah Organization 
    but about the Watchtower Organization.
    He says if you've read the new songbook(s) that Jehovah's Organization has 
    been replaced with the Watchtower Organization...
    Dale asks him to repeat that... He says "The songbooks... if you read a lot of the songs, 
    Jesus and Jehovah Organization has been replaced with the Watchtower Organization. 
    [pause] if you read the songs they've been changed, not Jehovah's Organization 
    or Jesus's but [in whispery voice] the Watchtower."
    Lady now changes conversation and asks now isn't the WT and the GB separate.
    Johnny says well no, it's now just more compartmentalized. 
    That now there's ATMs in assembly halls for donations. And that's sickening to him. 
    And every letter that comes from the Body is give what you can, just give what you can. 
    Mentions a recent letter about giving your life insurance or willing things to the WT.
    Dale asks about Johnny's physical and mental health. Can Johnny get medical leave?
    Johnny says yes and no. That they would be suspecious, and that he has some 
    time coming up and that's his time to make a choice.
    Says that there was a head of the waiter crew who took a knife to another brother, 
    that he knows this brother from when he was a kid. That they thought this brother 
    was an apostate because he would have get togethers at his room to discuss bible 
    books like James, and when discussing the flock book they'd quickly change the subject (10:26).
    Some are worried because pioneers are using their pioneer book like it was some magical book. 

    That's all I can listen to for now...
    I'll try to listen to more tomorrow.
  • Violia

    I think Johnny sounds real in the recording. I was prepared to not believe any of this, but I am changing my mind.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    One minute he's saying they don't know it's him on the conference call, yet they're threatening him with df'ing?

    The guy's making it up. Embellishing details that sound reasonable with details that are over the top, in order to provide a bit of entertainment and gain some attention.

    And Rick is lapping it all up.

    Sad. Very sad. All this time and energy could have been used on more positive, productive actions to help questioning JWs.

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