Shocking if True: Muslim Inbreeding

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  • Mary

    I remember going to a family reunion over in Bufffalo, NY about 12 or 13 years ago. One of my 'cousins' (whom I had never met before) was there and damn was he gorgeous! We were trying to figure out how we were related and it turned out that my mother and his mother were first I guess that made us second cousins? Anyway, we both decided it was a little to close for comfort to pursue anything.

    I think continual 'inbreeding' in any culture eventually becomes a problem. Around here there's alot of Old Order Amish & Mennonites where first cousins marry and believe me, it's starting to show.

    One thing about being a Witness: at least they have cars and assemblies so you can meet other Dubs that you're not related to.

  • bohm

    on a more philosophical note, it would be interesting to know if some human behaviour has specifically evolved to prevent inbreeding; at the surface it seem like a hard problem to avoid because its compounded over multiple generations and, well, presumeably your sister usually look about as agreeable as yourself and she is allways nearby..

    the royal families of europe has also been subject to inbreeding, and i dont think its an incident they allways look very ugly on paintings.

  • Gregor

    Tsar Nicholas family of Russia was cursed with hemophilia over several generations. Some regressive genes 'hopscotch' over generations and others only pass on through females who pass them on to male offspring.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Trade would bring more benefits than simple inheiritance. I believe the incest taboo is a socialized way of ensuring outbreeding. It prob. had little to do with moral considerations when first applied. Most of my cultural anthropolgy involved marriage rules and incest taboos. You don't call them cousins but mother's brother .... or father's sister..... Every culture seems to define incest differently but they all have rules.

    This whole topic is strange b/c I would think the evidence would be clear one way or another over many generations.

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