Watchtower Library 2010 CD-ROM For Download: Ethics, Honesty, And The Internet.

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  • Bangalore

    Watchtower Library 2010 CD-ROM For Download: Ethics, Honesty, And The Internet.


  • moshe

    I was in a KH awhile back and they had copies of the WT CD in paper sleeves - free for the taking. I passed.

  • VM44

    It is good to have ethics and honesty.

    So where can I download the 2010 WT Library?

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Makes you wonder why are some of the tools of the preaching work put under the kibosh? Shouldn't it be available to all to benefit?

    Comparison with and following an "earthly" commercial model of licensing doesn't seem to be very bible like, is it? What is the WT licensing and protecting - the word of God?

  • yknot

    LOL VM44!

    (to those who are interested..... scroll down to 9th posting to download and make a point to give a shout out of Thanks to Fokyc!)

    Ya I read that commentary a few days ago.... Here is my thoughts.

    Pot calling the kettle black.... they need to get off the evil internet, get out in FS and stop drawing association away from the congregation!

    The WTS has an internet presence....

  • sabastious
    From the link: Well that is rather clear and understandable, isn’t it? It is designed that way. Most other software comes with a License Agreement that governs your right to use the product, which you license from the publisher, and not actually own it. The Watchtower Library on CD-ROM is no different. But licenses are often written by lawyers in “legalese” language and can be difficult to understand without reading it through a second or third time. That is why the publishers of the Watchtower Library CD-ROM include the Introductory Letter, to put in layman’s terms what the actual license agreement is saying. Even so, the agreement is pretty clear as well…

    This man is correct in that their Watchtower Library CD is a product and products can be assigned certain legal restrictions.

    But the product is particularly interesting in regards to the information it's Software Licence protects.

    The Governing Body freely distributes a vast majority of the content of the CD in paper form within the field ministry, this is an interesting distinction to make. These pamphlets and booklets come at no cost to the consumer and are distributed to as many people as possible; they are available to all.

    But there is content within the CD that is not freely distributed to the general public such as the Kingdom Ministry and the Insight Book. These books stick out like a sore thumb now because they are obviously the content the Governing Body does not wish for the general public to see... otherwise they would not have made a clause in their Software Licence that it can only be freely distributed by the legal owner.

    It strikes me as odd that an organization, that's sole mission is to herald a warning to the people of the earth, would concern themselves so much with controlling who gets to see this alleged "life saving" message.


  • fokyc

    Sorry but link has been removed today for reasons beyond my control.

  • therevealer

    I know I could be totally wrong on this point (haven't spent time researching it) but I believe the main reason the copyright law was written into law in the first place and continues in force is to protect against financial loss. If correct it says a great deal about the concern on behalf of the society. On a blog site obviously a witness, the argument is made against some who are critical of the download source being made available by noting the money saving aspect of doing so. The society saves the cost of pressing the dvd's. For what it's worth.

  • Finally-Free

    This comment on the site made me chuckle a bit:

    jehovah IS a Gog of order


  • VM44

    The 2010 link is gone!

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