Under Ground Base Lecture, UFO'S (Must Read)

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  • Satanus

    This type of writer can't stick to one topic. For instance, the supposed battle w the greys. They jump from a few claims about that to all kinds of other sensationalism. No indepth, factaul discussion of who what when where why how. It's a bunch of wierd allegations mushed into one, giant paragraph. This types' style is always the same. It's some kind of insanity, imo.


  • freskalynn

    I read last night that the little town where we live has a underground base that is active. I have heard the the Oklahoma City Bombing had tunnels way down and had a lot of wepons. I know u can read a lot but there is some evidence I'm told.

  • freskalynn

    Foodalls that sounds just like you. HEE!! HEE!!!

  • Qcmbr


    The only conspiracy that exists is money and the things people will do to get it. There are no aliens living in underground cities.

  • kurtbethel
  • freskalynn

    Its good that everyone has the privilege and freedom to believe the way they want. I'm not trying to convience anyone of anything. I do know what my husband , son, and other friends and myself saw back in 1982. It was about 1/2 mile from our house. There were 4 UFO all in formation leaving our area. There was even an article in our little paper about it the next day.

  • Caedes
    Truth Behind the Republican Contract With America: "I don't perceive at this time that we have too much more than six months of life left in this country, at the present rate.
    End of May 1995 Lecture.

    You would have thought that with all that 'inside' info his predictions would be a little more accurate?!

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