This is perhaps the funniest thing you will ever see on this forum

by Hobo Ken 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ThomasCovenant

    Respectfully I disagree.

    I think it needs a bit more work on it. By my observations I think that the captions are either barely visible or too long, or over with too quickly, or not in tandem with the speech.

    I would love something like this, taking the mickey out of the JW's by using Hitler's Downfall, to catch on and be as popular as some of the others in this genre. I think making JW's embarrassed in public over their wacky religion is one of the best ways to slow them up.

    Thanks to whoever did it though, it is far more than I've done.

  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken


  • slimboyfat

    Um a bit close to reality considering Hitler stated his intention to destroy Jehovah's Witnesses and succeeded in killing over 1000 of them.

    For a comic lip sync to Hitler this is far better if you can understand German (not Watchtower related):

  • mouthy

    yes the video are very clever, But I cant help thinking of those JW's
    that truly did suffer at Hitlers command .One Sister that came to our group
    told us of the terrible things she & other faithful JWS suffered .
    She was not a JW when she was arrested ( a jew) but the loyalty of
    the JWS that were interned by sharing their food ,buy helping others endure
    made her search out the Jehovahs Witness when she was freed.
    She felt that their LOVE to other humans MUST be they were GODS people.
    She found out what that LOVE was like when they DF her for talking to us...
    She eventually knew only one to follow (in OUR opinion) that was Christ.
    Sorry to steal the link


  • elderelite

    ok I understand why some would not think this is funny...

    But I LOL'd

  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken


  • Nobleheart

    really funny. i loved the ending when he says he'll climb the ladder and who knows if he'll end up in the GB

  • Gerard

    Were JWs really prosecuted by Nazi Germany or is it another make-believe creation by the Watchtower?

  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken

    One of my favourite urban myth stories is the Nazis searching JW houses and not being able to see for example...... a suitcase of literature on a table......oh dear......that would have been God preventing them eh?


  • mouthy

    Gerard !!!!Yes they were persecuted in concentration camps MANY
    Anna Adaman was the one I met. Wonderful woman, Suffered greatly
    under Hitlers regime. She was a JEW but because the JWS were so badly treated
    ( they thought it was their persecution before the Big A)she admired them
    Just another wicked thing the Wt is responsible for ,besides,folks who
    refuses & died from the blood law, those who went blind from no cornea transplants
    those who killed themselves when DF ,( some from losing families, masturbation,
    smoking,adultery), I could go on & on about the RULES from the Evil Slaves.AT Brooklyn

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