The Truth Will Set You Free ? NOT !

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    The Truth [sic] does not set one free. Every minute is spoken for. Just try and see what happens if you go a week without putting in any field circus, because you are taking care of personal issues now. They will tell you "Do personal things some other time", even if those "personal items" involve fixing the leaky roof or that lawn you got hounded for last week. Try getting up at 9 or later one time, and see what happens. Try going in early one afternoon, even a very hot or very cold one, and see what happens. Try cleaning your house one evening instead of going to the boasting session, and see what happens.

    Children, try doing your homework or studying for a test instead of attending the evening boasting session. See what happens to you--your parents will probably drag you to the Kingdumb Hell. Or, try spending the afternoon studying for your next test or finishing your school project, and see what your parents say about going in field circus. See what happens when you decide to stay home from the boasting session one evening, preferably one before at least two major tests. That's freedom?

    Additionally, what is this "Kingdom control"? They are telling you how to spend your money, use your time, and live your life. Freedom? You get a vacation, you need to pio-sneer. You get $10,000 from an unexpected source (or even an expected bonus), you have bills--so you are supposed to put it all into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund or else get hounded to death about it. (This, by the way, will probably trigger a bleed of congregation funds to headquarters, leaving the congregation defunded and needing to pay their own bills with new donations.) And, so they don't have any long promotions that waste inappropriate amounts of time? What about the REJECT Jesus Party season that runs March through May? You are supposed to pio-sneer those months, or at least increase your field circus activity beyond your ability. And all the rules--you are wasting more money keeping up with the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger than the worldly people are by keeping up with the Joneses.

    I think I will stick with the "tyranny" of Christmas. At least I am free to decide to what extent I wish to display decorations, what kinds I wish to display, and how long I will display them (and at what pace I want to put them up and pull them down). If I were to put in the amount of time the witlesses put in their REJECT Jesus Party season, I would be able to decorate a whole city block to the hilt.

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    Have you ever heard of the "Zeitgeist-Zeitgeist Organization"...if you haven't , got type into youtube search "Zeitgeist-The movie" and watch it...there you will see something very straiking about aLL religion....and thats just the "Tip-of-The-Iceberg' of what else is OUT THERE about a LOT of things!!!

    Zeitgeist doesn't know anything about religion except for false claims, and lack of research. So if anything you are saying is based in any way on that... then your claims are faulty from the get-go.


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    I am heeso.thank you for this.

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    The truth sets you free from the obligation to think for yourself. It sets you free from your obligation to be a force for good in humanity, it frees you from making the most of your talents. Worst of all it frees you from compassion.

    Bad religion is not freedom.

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    Nugget, can you think of a good religion.

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    The truth sets you free from the obligation to think for yourself. It sets you free from your obligation to be a force for good in humanity, it frees you from making the most of your talents. Worst of all it frees you from compassion.

    Nugget is spot on! Couldn't have put it better myself!!

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    None of the things associated biblically with worship can be found at the Kingdom Hall--no joyous singing, no testifying of God's goodness in one's life, no sharing of answered prayer, in short, no joy. No freedom of worship.

    This is a fallacy, Joy is subjective, What gives you joy might not be the same that gives me joy. Just because I dont like their songs doesnt automatically implies their songs are bad. Freedom of worship is not defined by the paragraph above.

    Moving on to the "public talk" (replacing the term "sermon"), the person instructing the congregation must stick faithfully to his outline provided by the Society

    ok, so is not called sermon.... are sermons any better? I dont get it.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have no freedom in choosing members of the governing body at headquarters who appear mysteriously by "appointment"

    Why would they have freedom to choose members of the governing body? According to their rules Jehovah appoints them not the R&F. Its their game, its their rules.

    You will not be free to be patriotic to your country in any small degree. You will not be able to stand for the National Anthem of your country. You cannot salute the flag. You cannot support any political party or non-JW organization like service clubs. You cannot be part of the military. You cannot vote. And yet, you are told you are "free" in the Organization!

    I was one of those. I had the freedom to do any of those things. But I decided not to do them because I thought that would please "Jehovah". But it was my choice. Of course you could get DF if you were to practice any of the above but most dont feel force to do them. you do them willingly. Dont take me wrong. I am against that religion but I am also against generalization, and blanket statements.

    They cannot have a normal childhood. Rather than a carefree life growing up, as soon as they can read, they are programmed into a joyless existence of going door-to-door, participating in the meetings at the Kingdom Hall, and becoming small, responsible, adults

    What is normal and who defines it? as soon as they can read? i was programmed from my birth. however I had fun. it was not joyless. I think that indoctrinating minors with any religion or political inclination is abuse but of that many religions are guilty of. Since when becoming responsible is bad?

    Jehovah's Witness children are at real danger from the pedophiles operating in the congregations

    Really? how many pedophiles are there in every congregation? Isnt the responsibility of every parent is to protect their own children? I dont care if it the very son of God. I wont let my little children be without supervision. PERIOD.

    They are easy targets, being preprogrammed to never question the elders' actions.

    Following authority is normal behavior of ALL human beings. not only of JWs

    Does not your heart ache for such ones who are prevented from entering into the true freedom that is in Christ

    uh? how is this freedom? because says who?

    which allows one to have his own individuality and freedom of choice?

    how bout freedom from religion?

    I am just saying.

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