Simple explanation why "Anointed" # going up (from the CO)

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  • Larsinger58

    More WTS misunderstanding. But per the Bible, the anointed were supposed to increase after 1991.

    That is, when you apply the vineyard work of 11 hours to the WTS it indicates from the 3rd through the 11th hour workers that they would not be told in advance what their wage is. The 1st-hour workers were told they would receive a "penny", the day's wage, which represents the heavenly prize.

    A half hour is 3.5 years (42 months) so an hour is 7 years. Multiply 3x7 and you get 21 years. So the 3rd-hour workers who did not think they would receive a full penny should have become apparent 21 years after 1914.

    1914 + 21 = 1935!!!

    So the TWO-CLASS SYSTEM among JWs is actually prophesied in the Bible and linked to the vineyard parable.

    However, as the parable notes, ALL the workers get the penny in the end. It's just a surprise to everyone, including the 1st-hour workers who all knew in advance they would get the penny.

    In other words, the "other sheep" who are the 3rd through 11th hour workers are invited into the kingdom (if they are awake!) after the work ends 77 years after 1914 in 1991. 7 years for each hour for 11 hours is 77 years.

    77 + 1914 = 1991

    The payment of the workers is during the 12th hour, or 7 years from 1991-1998. So technically from 1991-1998 there should have been an increase in the anointed among JWs, except, the invitation and payment didn't really start until Christ returned and celebrated the first passover after his return which was not until April 1993.

    ANOTHER CATCH: But why not a huge increase after 1993? The reason is because the Lord's Supper was to end once Christ returns. He said to do this until he returns. Once he returns and eats that last passover then the Lord's Supper is no longer relevant to commemorating his absence!! So indeed there were more and more anointed being sealed after 1993 but they didn't partake of the Lord's Supper because Christ had returned in 1992!

    Even so, some without full understanding or some still associating with the WTS who know in their hearts they have the heavenly calling might still partake and that would explain the slight increase seen of late. This is perfectly in line with two classes of anointed at the time of Christ's presence, some who are in the public and some who are in private. Two levels of doctrinal understanding would persist upon Christ's arrival; those who can handle the "new wine" and those who cannot who are "old wineskins." Christ does not put the new wine into the old wineskins. That right there tells you some in the kingdom will have advanced understanding and some chosen will still have some of the outdated beliefs but will still be accepted. Some who are associated with the WTS and with some outdated WTS doctrine still might partake at the Memorial, which does not disqualify their calling.

    144,000 X10: The second thing is this. 144,000 is a small number. The WTS understands this to be the entire number of the elect. However, on reflecting Isa 6:13 the 144K represent the natural Jews and precisely 10% of the entire number:

    ISA 6:13

    13 And there will still be in it a tenth, and it must again become something for burning down, like a big tree and like a massive tree in which, when there is a cutting down [of them], there is a stump; a holy seed will be the stump of it."

    Just backtracking a bit. Many know the gentiles are said to be "wild olive" branches grafted into a tree where the unfaithful Jewish branches are lopped off. But they are reminded not to become too self confident because the ROOT of the tree is still Jewish. This ROOT is 10% of the entire tree. Thus the entire number of the elect is 1,440,000!

    In fact, when the call goes out to come to the wedding feast, sometime during the last hour between 1993-1998, many who are "invited" beg off and make excuses due to lack of spiritual understanding. As a result many of the seats in the kingdom for JWs were forfeited and went to others previously not invited at first. Thus their seats go to non-witnesses, non-Christians!

    So if you are of the elect and understand these things, the increase of partakers makes perfect sense. It is indirect evidence Christ's angels are still sealing some of the 1,440,000 elect from among some of the faithful ones among JWs.

    Of course, the GB was "disfellowshipped" by Jehovah on November 10, 1992 and it is now apostate. So partaking is only a formality. Obviously, as someone noted, these anointed ones insist upon partaking despite what references to the contrary the WTS explains!!! As noted, in the parable, the 1st-hour workers who make up the original anointed, would be shocked and murmur against the others who also get the "penny." So it was not Christ's intent to keep the 1st-hour workers in the loop of what he was doing with the "other sheep."

    Now doesn't it make a whole lot more sense that at one point EVERYBODY would be invited into the kingdom? Of course! Just pre-1935 witnesses being of the heavenly class and those after 1935 being of the earthly class hardly seems impartial or practical. Of course, JW doctrine does not understand this, even though it is clear ALL the workers get the penny!

    At any rate, there is little to contradict that those who still partake have legitimate chosing among the elect of the heavenly class. That also means that ANYBODY who feels this calling should respond to it since it could be a legitimate call while the door is still open. The marking of the world to survive Armageddon and to an extent the completion of the 1,440,000 elect is the only delay to the great tribulation beginning (i.e. U.N. forced to take over world government) followed 15 months later by Armageddon.


  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    Larsinger, you forgot to multiply by pi and then differenciate delta x by delta y.

    When you do that and then divide by the square root of C, where C is the constant represending the speed of light, you get 55378008 which on a calculator upside down spells 'boobless'

  • finallysomepride

    Membership of the 144,000 club has now reached 893,125 & still counting

  • Alfred

    1935 was abandoned in 2007

    Why? Simple explanation... 6 members of the GB who were born before 1935 died between 2001 & 2007... last year the last 2 members of the GB born before 1935 also died... so there are currently no GB members born before 1935...

    They should have abandoned 1935 long before 2007... it's not like they didn't know that Rutherfraud pulled this ridiculous teaching out of his pooper in a desperate attempt to keep people in...

  • james_woods

    It would have been far simpler to just finally admit that the 144,000 is not a literal number.

    EDIT - or to just say that the new light is that everybody partakes and where they go (heaven or earth) is up to God.

    EDIT2 - or to just say that everybody goes to heaven after all.

    Damn - that literal 144,000 really is a big problem, if you think about it.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    print more articles about how some are probably mistaken or frauds

    They actually hit that nail every time they use the loaded phrase, "genuine anointed." The implication is that there are anointed around who are NOT genuine. Add to that the fact that they have demoted the "professed anointed" (another loaded phrase) to below other sheep elders and it is clear that Brooklyn has no esteem for individual partakers whatsoever.

    And Alfred's explanation for the reason they abandoned 1935 is spot on. The current GB 2.0 members would have no claim to authority otherwise.

  • stuckinamovement

    It is interesting because the total number of partakers in the last 100 years combined with the number of 1st century christians that the literal interpretation of 144,000 is simply not accurate.

    Basic math proves the doctrine wrong.

  • james_woods
    It is interesting because the total number of partakers in the last 100 years combined with the number of 1st century christians that the literal interpretation of 144,000 is simply not accurate.
    Basic math proves the doctrine wrong.

    Basic logic would also prove it to be doctrinally silly - why would God set an arbitrary date, before which all christians go to heaven, and after which (almost) all christians would go to paradise earth? They are all just people; they didn't suddenly change post 1935. Nobody earth-worthy lived in, say, the 5th century A.D.? Practically nobody heaven-worthy lives now? Makes no sense.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Speaking of how far back the literature on the CDROM goes, I noticed that the 2008 edition occupies only 376MB on a 700MB disc.

    So plenty of room to put about twice as much garbage on it, yet no such desire to do so...Wonder why


  • ProdigalSon

    I think JW's are beginning to realize that eternal life on the Watchtower's idea of a paradise earth is just the hope of an endless life being ruled by Pharisees. Since the Gatekeepers in Crooklyn have reopened the gate, why not be a ruler instead of a subject? It's really a no-brainer!

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