I asked my best friend how the GB makes its decsions last night...

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    If taking blood or giving blood is a sin........someone taking fractions is living off someone elses sin....why is THAT alright?

    Some big sinner out there, had to donate 2 pints of blood, to make the vaccination the GB members need to take to go to other

    countrys. or the millions of other vaccinations the witnesses take every year....take...take...take....that's alot of sinning.............


  • scary21

    I WANT MERCY NOT SACRIFICE............does that sound familiar,,,,,,give you a hint......the GB did not say it .... lol ....they would never say such a thing...........

  • Farkel

    : to consider this issue in our Family Worship = Governing Body Worship.

    That's a fact. The Governing Body speaks for God, ergo, the words of the Governing Body ARE the words of God.

    The Governing Body are a bunch of aging, lying asshole false prophets. Since that is a FACT and IF it is true they DO speak for God, what does that say about God? It makes the Creator of everything an idiot, that is what it says. Now, if the Governing Body does NOT speak for God, then why follow their crap? After all, they ARE liars and criminals who kill people and destroy families by the tens of thousands each and every year.


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    Your point is well taken. However, I have a very dedicated spouse, and starting a constructive SCRIPTURAL discussion about this subject under the guise of a 'typical' Family Worship Night will be my best bet to exploit her reservations about the "Blood Issue."

    We generally do not conduct Family Worship Night, unless there is some special topic that has come up during the course of conversation recently that we both want to discuss. We were already doing that before this program was instituted by the Governing Body, and have just fit it into that mold when we ocassionaly observe it. Family Worship or not, I feel it can only be healthy for us to consider the Bible regularly together, especially in light of topics such as this.

  • pirata

    Regular family worship is a good opportunity to discuss a lot of issues and build rapport.

    Look at Blood doctrine, from the beginning, tracing it's development to current day.

    Based on that watchtower that says it's okay to accept minor blood fractions because minor blood fractions are "naturally" passed from mother to fetus, do a bit of side research and discover that white blood cells are passed from mother to infant in breast milk. Also discover, on the side, the societies changing stand on organ transplants.

    You may find these threads useful:







    Also, The chapter on Blood Transfusions in "In Search of Christian Freedom" has a good scriptural discussion as well. Available as PDF @ http://www.commentarypress.com/

    Good luck. I've been trying to share these "interesting discoveries" with my mate for over a year with seemingly little effect. Drip, drip, drip and see what happens.


    How the WBT$ GB makes Decisions..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • ssn587

    DPL they are just men and nothing more, to think otherwise is silly at best. Yet, many still think they speak for god, but just think about 2 Thess. 2:

    who is it that sets in the temple in the place of god and thinks they speak for him. that is one I will going over with my family soon.

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  • sd-7

    Well, for a JW, the exact details of how the GB makes decisions...for me it was a black box--nobody knows what goes in, we just know what comes out at the end in a letter from them or in the literature. Now, of course, I know that certain things take priority:

    1. How do we look as infallible as possible, despite being imperfect men?

    2. How do we minimize or avoid legal liability?

    3. How do we ensure absolute obedience to whatever this new ruling is?

    4. How do we make sure it doesn't look like we were ever wrong? How can we present the history of any previous changes to this belief in as favorable a light as possible?

    5. Who can get enough votes to get their personal conclusions printed in the Watchtower?

    So...as for the blood issue, for me, I choose to respect and support my wife's beliefs, although there's a good chance that given what I know about cults and all, the police would probably have every right to arrest me for murder if my wife died because I agreed to her wishes and didn't let her take blood. But hey, that's her belief.

    Pointing out the contradictions serves no purpose here. If your wife is a feeler or a believer, you won't reach her through logic. And this issue probably can't be tackled so long as one believes that "this is Jehovah's organization". It's last on the list, at least unless or until it affects you personally. The DF'ing arrangement was that way for me. You agree with it until you're confronted directly with what it truly means.

    Interesting thread. Cognitive dissonance is at work here, though. That's the bottom line.


  • dontplaceliterature


    My wife already has reservations about the blood doctrine, and that's why i've chosen to explore this angle of opening her up.

    I don't know that I really want to pry her away from Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't even want to be, at this point. If we exit, I'd rather shoot for a simulaneous exit. I love her and I wouldn't want our religious differences to come between us.

    I'd just like to see her open up with questions and concerns about the society as much as I have. So, at least, we can research and discuss topics together without anyone feeling the other is "wrong" or "ambitious" or an "apostate."

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