Get 'deleted' or resign as a ministerial servant?

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  • man in black
    man in black

    step down with dignity instead of letting them knock you down.

  • NVR2L8

    I agree with OTWO. For the last 2 years I have travelled extensively for business and missed most of the meetings. I would only attend some Sunday meetings. I used this situation as an excuse to be deleted as a MS. The elder I spoke to said that he understood my work situation and that I did not have to resign... that they could reduce my load to give me time to find a solution. I told him that my conscience was bothering me since I was no longer an exemple in meeting attendance and service. Still he wasn't willing to accept my resignation until I insisted that I could no longer deal with the stress of not being able to fullfil my assignments. So an annoucement was made the next service meeting and I haven't heard anything since then. Of course the business travel is real, but I have accepted every work assignment that saves me from going to the meetings and I have no plan to change anything.

  • Quarterback

    Not sure of all your circumstances. Sometimes moving out of your cong's territory, may work out. When you move the cong elders have to decide if you will receive a letter of recommendation.

    When they approach you on the matter, let them know that you have too much to manage at the moment, and would appreciate a break from extra responsibilities.

    All the best.

  • Gregor

    I would go for quitting over being fired. Yes, it might be tricky to resign.

    A suggestion would be to use one of their pet phrases on them, "a matter of conscience". No details. They will think you are doing something borderline "a matter of conscience" and you will know it is because you know they are a friggin' cult you don't want to be a part of anymore, again, "a matter of conscience". If they press you for juicy juice just stand firm and ask that they respect your feelings. If a knucklehead comes right out and asks if you've been doing anything "unscriptural" just say No.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I agree with 'man in black':

    step down with dignity instead of letting them knock you down

    I agree with 'Quarterback':

    When they approach you on the matter, let them know that you have too much to manage at the moment, and would appreciate a break from extra responsibilities.

    You might also exaggerate medical/health and or family issues. Then assure them you look forward to serving again in the not too distant future though you really have no intentions of doing so. This approach will leave you smelling like a rose!

  • Galileo

    I went the route of waiting for them to delete me due to the fact that I was married to a very zealous pioneer. I acted like I was doing everything I could do to turn in four or five hours a month. In truth even those 4 or 5 hours were totally fabricated and by the time they actually deleted me I hadn't actually been out in service for over two years. They finally met with me to warn me about my potential deletion when the CO rolled around, then waited another six months for his next visist before they actually did it. At that time I was giving a lot of Sunday talks and had other responsibilities in the hall so they didn't want to delete me. It took forever. If I had it to do over again, I would follow the advice of the others here and just resign. A lot less wasted time.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    For some months now my field report is with one digit at the hours section and with empty spaces in magazines, brochures and the others.

    Seems to me they would have talked to you about this by now.

    I started to became a low profile member by no longer giving answers at the meetings, skipping meetings and quiting field service.

    A "low profile member"? As an MS?

    I think your user name is really TrevorBS.


  • WTWizard

    I would continue putting in single digit field circus times and missing boasting sessions. Then, lie if necessary and tell them that work issues and/or fake health issues are preventing you from doing more and you cannot guarantee getting back up to "standards". This works best if your field circus times are under 7 hours a month. If you start bringing in "conscience matter" issues, they are likely to hound you for it, and then use "brazen conduct" if you do not improve.

  • trevorbv

    Thanks all for your replays.

    A "low profile member"? As an MS?

    Well I guess it depends on the size of the congregation and on the elders.
    I think they didn't made a move yet since they can't belive my decline. I was a pretty active and convinced proclaimer .

  • Soldier77

    Welcome to the forum!

    Good advice already given. So I'll just say, stick it to them! Go on your own terms and when you get questioned, just evade, divert and distract them with things that they can't nail you on.

    Just be warned, after the KM school recently they know that they are having a shortage with 'spiritual men' so they will try their best to keep you in while shedding most if not all of your responsibilities until you can 'straighten things out.'

    Wishing you the best, stay calm, stay poised and use their own Theocratic Warfareâ„¢ tactics on them.

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