References for "Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?", Watchtower 2010, Mar pp.18-20

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    When its The Symbol of your Faith you are stuck. The Religion that Paul founded needed this symbol: 1Cor,1,17,18. Crux Ordinaria with its Stipe and Patibulum are as vital to its continuence at the Watchtower symbol is to a Witness.

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    These arguments of the Watchtower are detail heavy for a reason. The more dust they kick up with partial quotes and inferences the easier it
    is to sound like they are saying something worthwhile.

    I agree. When I was a Jehovah's Witness I never felt I had a good idea how their doctrines led from the Bible. The problem was that their publications are dirt boring and never get to the point. For example, the Insight volumes: Look up a subject like "Covenant" or "Ransom" and you will get page after page of discussing different meanings of the word, none of which are relevant to the main meaning. What you want is a straightforward explanation.

    You find the same phenomenon with some conspiracy theorists.

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    You find the same phenomenon with some conspiracy theorists.


    Just to keep you occupied, fighting the good fight, or wound up for their objective:

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