Watchtower Attorneys Hayden Covington and Charles Smith

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Read a copy of Covington's employment resume written after he left Bethel and his death certificate at:

    When I was in Bethel, I received a copy of Covington's resume and death certificate from a JW in California by the name of Jeannie Sears. She had been Covington's friend and secretary of sorts for a few years before he died and I think they both lived in the same apartment complex. Jean's deceased husband had been a former Bethelite who had been Covington's friend when they both were in Bethel in the 1950s and it's through him that Jeannie met Hayden.

    Interestingly, Covington wrote his memoir shortly before he died and shared it with Jeannie. She told me she was horrified when she read what he said about the organization and talked him out of publishing it. Later she watched him burn it in the yard. Jeannie never told me what was in that memoir and probably has died taking Covington's secrets with her to the grave.


  • cofty

    Thanks Barbara, that's a memoir we would all love to read - too bad. He certanly knew where the bodies were buried.

    I never knew he defended Cassius Clay, really interesting stuff.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I expect Muhammad Ali had many orgs. submit amicus briefs on his behalf. Cassisus Clay was viewed as aligned with the Witnesses on the draft. He was a hero altho he wasn't a Witness. He was so villified at the time. Perhaps b/c of his race and getting out of line, he attracted pure venom. I believe Howard Cossell was the only sportswriter to defend him. Years past and now he is the icnonic American hero. The whole publicity around his participation when he marched and carried the Olympic torch the last stretch blew my mind.

    He stayed true to his principles.

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    Download ths 1950 publication written by Hayden Covington:


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is important to me to know the strategy behind these cases. The civl rights movement was active in these years. I'd want to know how the ACLU provided help. Was the national ACLU involved or the local affiliates? Did one ACLU lawyer provide the services? Was the plan cohesive or ad hoc? What obstacles existed in jurisprudence to acknowledging the Witness claims? Did the surrounding culture change? Was Hayden Covington a major strategiest or mostly a front man?

    This was supposed to be my senior thesis but I could not cope with exploring the Witnesses and finish school. Someone wrote a PHD dissertation on this. I can't wait to get access.

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